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We manufacture standard & custom designed bottles for the cosmetic & beauty packaging, personal care packaging, and cleaning & automotive packaging industries. Various types of bottles include airless, foamer, nail-polish, perfume, lotion, roll-on & twist-up bottles. Bottles are made from glass, aluminum & acrylic, AS, HDPE, PET, PETE, PETG, PMMA, PP, PS, PVC & SAN.

UKPACK can help you obtain a wide array of packaging products . We have developed an extensive network of suppliers to the packaging industry. All of our suppliers have been qualified with visits by our on-site engineering and procurement specialists. All of our qualified suppliers are audited on an ongoing basis to ensure they meet quality standards, service and performance objectives and compliance with all local labor laws. Whether you need tubes, closures, bottles, double wall jars, droppers and many other packaging items allow us to help you source the right product..

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