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The six fundamental points that we believe define packaging success

To serve the packaging needs of the world’s most discerning beauty brands, we’ve had to earn a reputation for consistently creating excellent products. This doesn’t happen by accident. It takes focused, coordinated action in every area of every project – every time.

Relying on years of experience and the collective analysis of millions of products produced, we've identified the six areas that we believe are the fundamental components of packaging creation that have the greatest impact on a project's success. And we’ve given a name to the method in which we approach and integrate these components – UKPACK Total Quality.

As the name suggests, FTQ is a program that ensures attention to all aspects of the packaging creation process - not just how a product looks or how quickly it can be created. After all, if you’re making sizable investments in the integrity and reputation of your product line, shouldn’t you expect a supplier to do the same?

Take a look closer look at UKPACK Total Quality's components by clicking on a heading below.


Product development


Long before a product hits a store shelf, before a part is assembled or a resin fills a mold, before an idea even becomes a rendering, we ask ourselves a simple question: “what do consumers want?” This is the driving force behind product development at UKPACK Packaging.

Correctly assessing consumer needs and market trends has enabled us to develop products for many amazingly successful beauty brands, but it’s not exactly an easy job. To create truly innovative products, we must anticipate preferences and trends before consumers even know what they want. So in addition to hands-on research, we collaborate internally and with our clients to develop concepts that are differentiating, desirable and ahead of their time.

Our custom designs originate from our in-house design studio, where we first assist clients with brand exploration and ideation, consumer analysis and materials selection. Visualization of the concept begins to come to life through graphical packaging layout, 3D rendering and prototyping. Our immense engineering resources ensure that each design, no matter how unique, functions as it’s supposed to. And throughout the pre-production process, we provide consultative expertise and support to client side branding, marketing, purchasing and engineering teams. When the product finally becomes a reality, you’ll have full confidence that it will meet or drive consumer demand.

If you prefer a design from one of our many stock package collections, we can provide turn-key decorating support with logo design and/or brand application to make the product consistent and cohesive with your brand.

Product development is just one component of UKPACK Total Quality, but it has earned our company impressive notoriety and coveted industry awards such as the International Package Design Award, the Ameristar Award and the Worldstar “Excellence in Design” Award. Imagine what it can do for your brand.



The role of project management is often viewed as being of secondary importance in the product development and production process. But as anyone who’s been in the beauty business long enough knows, this is what makes the difference between absolute comfort and agonizing stress during the process, not to mention it’s impact on the quality of the finished project.

Project management is an equally weighted component of UKPACK Total Quality because we understand how closely bound it is to every aspect of a project or program – in fact, it is the link that ensures a smooth and accurate outcome from start to finish. Our project management focus includes proprietary systemization and comprehensive training. Here’s a look at what we do differently:


Our project management team consists of experienced account managers, a dedicated product launch team and quality control and logistics personnel who maintain constant, real-time communication with engineers and production managers

We place heavy emphasis on training our project management team on the more complicated details of packaging production so that they can provide informed consultation and identify and solve issues long before they emerge in the production process

We provide customers with detailed Gantt charts and project milestones to help them fully understand the project life cycle and set expectations throughout all stages

We customize our project management approach to work in the manner that best suits our clients. Whether you want frequent, detailed updates or just the satisfaction of knowing that your project is fully under control, we’ll make sure you stay informed and advised.

We believe that you should feel as good about the team you work with as you do about the package that you end up with. UKPACK’s time-tested project management approach ensures that you will.




Even if a product looks great on the store shelf, and regardless of what it promises to do or how much it sells for, a product that doesn’t function well is bound to end up in the trash bin. And since consumers can’t separate a beauty brand from the supplier that packaged it, it’s your brand that suffers the consequences. That’s why solid engineering is at the core of every UKPACK Packaging product, and why you can be sure that the products we create for you will work as beautifully as they look.

From day one, we’ve invested heavily in engineering personnel, technology and equipment, not only because we understood the importance of engineering to the product development process, but because we saw an opportunity to do it better than anyone ever had.

Today, this commitment to research, development and innovation in engineering has put us in an elite class of providers and earned the trust and repeat business of even the most discerning beauty brands. Here is what we bring to the table:

An integrated, global engineering team consisting of packaging, mechanical, tooling/part quality, validation and process engineers

Decades of collective, best-in-class experience in ideation, prototyping, production, testing and support

A strong focus on innovation and research in the areas of material science, design theory, technical design, process enhancement, technology and sustainability

Alas, end users will never notice the level of intricate detail or the depth of mechanical expertise contained within their product. But then again, isn’t that the point?

Product manufacturing


To create packaging products that meet the demands of some of the world’s most successful beauty brands, a packaging provider must demonstrate clear and consistent execution in every stage of the manufacturing process. We’ve done it, and our continued investments in process improvement are setting new standards for quality and performance in the packaging industry.

Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Zhejiang, China, a region known for precision pump manufacturing. With ISO, GMP and COC certifications, our customers can rest assured that our products are continually manufactured with the highest of quality standards in facilities that are socially compliant.

In addition to manfacturing, we offer in-house decoration including: UV Spray, UV Vacuum Metalizing, Hot Stamp, Silk Screen, Heat Transfer Label and Aluminum Anodizing. Major investments in machinery, tooling design, process improvement, metal manufacturing and decorating technology ensure that we can meet even the most aggressive timeline while still producing products that are beautiful, innovative and above all, well built.



There are quality standards that are consistent across major beauty packaging suppliers. Then, there are UKPACK Total Quality standards. The difference begins with how we define quality in the first place. At UKPACK, the quality veil includes both Quality Assurance and Quality Control – both areas in which we have dedicated teams of experienced packaging professionals. These teams play an active role in every stage of package development, beginning at the initial design phase, where our QA advisors consult with our designers and engineers as well as customer personnel to ensure that what is being imagined can be created in a manner that meets our quality expectations as well as those of our customer. Once a design is approved, our QA team inspects and validates all tooling to ensure that each and every component will perform throughout the package life cycle.


As products are assembled and completed at our manufacturing facilities, our on-location QC teams put samples through a battery of rigorous tests to ensure the functional integrity of the package even under the most intense of circumstances.

The final step, which ensures that the package is certifiably compliant with UKPACK Total Quality, is a review of all QC data by our senior QA team in China. After and only after this complete review of information, do we authorize the QC release and allow products to go to market.

Most manufacturers base their quality promises on processes that are far less comprehensive and tightly controlled than UKPACK’s, and many include product components that come from outside manufacturers. At UKPACK, we not only control the manufacturing and assembly of every part of every package we create, we also take quality to new heights by instituting standards that far exceed those of our competitors and even our customers.

Accountability System


We place extraordinary emphasis on accountability because at the end of a project, it is often considered the “make or break” element of success. In fact, our appreciation of accountability as a fundamental element of production really came from conversations with a number of customers who expressed feelings of being underserved, abandoned or “left out in the cold” by other packaging suppliers in the past. “We just want someone that cares about the project as much as we do,” they told us. We listened.

Our system prevents complications, uncovers potential risks and eliminates issues before they become problems. It begins with assigning a dedicated account management team to each and every customer. The experienced professionals on our team will provide consultation and oversight of every detail of your project, from timing, budget and logistics to consumer insights, brand implications and long term vision. We’ll be available and responsive throughout the entire production process. If problems arise, we’ll find solutions. If you need help, we’re there.

Accountability is the backbone of UKPACK Total Quality. It means that we understand that it’s your brand—not your packaging supplier’s—that suffers the consequences of a packaging mishap, so we go above and beyond all expectations to ensure success, and make the packaging process as easy and stress free as possible. This kind of accountability can’t be measured through data and spreadsheets, but it’s the part of customer/supplier relationship that comes the closest to guaranteeing a positive outcome. It takes total service and total commitment to achieve UKPACK Total Quality.