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UKS30 38-400 Removable sirup pumpe pump action sauce dispensers Monin Torani

This sauce&syrup dispenser pump is suitable for a range of liquids including particulates.Here are 4mm and 6mm nozzle options for your selection.Only pump no bottle with.





Closure Size:





Custom made

(UKS30 sauce pump 15ml 25ml)(Removable)

This sauce dispensers from UKPACK have easy-to-use hand pumps and shut-off valves that provide wasteless dosage of sauces, syrups and dressings to ensure your service runs efficiently.

38mm closure sized, each dispenser also fits perfectly into food service and storage areas, helping you to maintain practicality and efficiency through every service.

These easy-to-clean plastic sauce containers make it easy for you to maintain a hygienic kitchen from beginning to end of service.

  • Capacity: 15ml/25ml , can be fit with Monin Caramel/ Torani/ DaVinci Sauce Pump for Chocalate Sauce Bottles
  • HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR PUMP: Pump openings should be covered to prevent contamination. We do not suggest washing the pumps as it could contaminate the flavor.Pumps can be reused for an indefinite period with the same flavor.
  • EASY TO DRINK SYRUP: Helps control product portioning and save costs
  • QUALITY CONTROL: Safe material makes you use the pump no worries.

Product advantage:

  • Suitable for a range of liquids including particulates
  • Shippable in locked down position
  • Two piece head design for vertical dispensing
  • flap valve is suitable for high viscosity products
  • Large-lid adaptor to fit a range of lid sizes
  • 4mm and 6mm nozzle options
  • Printing on the flat top makes your products unique

What sauce&syrup is in pumpkin spice latte?

- For example,Vanilla Syrup.

(suitbale for cream cheese syrup for pumpkin pancakes)

(also can match Monin flavor sauce bottle)

Pump for Monin Gourmet Sauce Syrup (1.89L/64 oz. Bottle/Jug)

4 ColourOptions: Cream, Light Brown, Brown or Amber

Dispenses:1/2 oz.

Color Recommendations:

White Chocolate Sauce (drizzle)

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Sauce (Light Brown)

Dark Chocolate Sauce (Brown)

Caramel or Dulce de Leche Sauce (Amber)

PLEASE NOTE:This pump is only compatible with64 oz. bottles Of Monin Gourmet Sauce.