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UKS10 norrow plastic food grade dispenser pumps 28/410 for liquid creamer bottle 1883

This syrup dispenser pump, is used to dispense a variety of syrups. Made of durable plastic with a reusable design. Helps keep the prep area neat and drip-free. Great for coffee shops and cafes.




5ml – 8ml – 10ml

Closure Size:



5ml – 8ml – 10ml


Custom made


Do you know how to select the syrup dispenser pump accordingly? Is this your first time to order syrup pumps? Don’t worry! We have a relevant article to explain and share you the professional knowledge points, you can find it at our category of News. However, welcome to email us for help!
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For this syrup dispenser pump, the closure size is 28/410, can match with 28mm of the neck size of syrup bottle. If you not sure, we also have universal syrup pump, can match different DIA of closure size. Such as 1883 Routin Syrup bottle, Davinci Syrup bottle, Torani Syrup bottle, and so on.
Our syrup pump, is FDA and EC certified, and meet the requirements of food contact.
Use to dispense a variety of syrups. Great for coffee shops and cafes.

Item Detailed data
Material Closure size Dosage Total Height MOQ
UKS10Norrow head PP 28-410 5ml;8ml;10ml / 10000

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