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UKS10 Norrow head dosierpumpe pump 70cl for syrup glass bottle 31-410 Food

The UKS10 series dispenser pump, suitable for a wide range of liquid products, perfect for dispensing any syrup and match with many kinds of syrup bottle, just to find the correct closure size or neck size of your bottle!




5ml – 8ml – 10ml

Closure Size:



5ml – 8ml – 10ml


Custom made

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Hey friend, welcome to UKPACK.
Our syrup pumps, has a wide range of shapes of pump head, such as STD(standard head), MD(MacDonald),Norrow head, and Large head.
About Norrow head, it is supposed to be used the most by the Nestle brand. You usually can see it be used as dispensing Coffee-mate liquid coffee creamer, this pump perfects to match with nestle liquid creamer bottle. Also, 31mm of the neck size is suitable for Monin syrup pump, too!
Besides, it also can be match any other just 31/410 closure size of bottles.
Samples are provided you freely to support your evaluation!

ItemDetailed data
MaterialClosure sizeDosageTotal HeightMOQ
UKS10Norrow headPP31-4105ml;8ml;10ml/10000


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