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UKS10 syrup dispenser pumps for mason jars 300-450-650-750ml honey manufacturer

The siruppumpe /high quality plastic (PP&PE) sauce&syrup pump dispenser can dispense just the right amount of sauce or syrup for your drinks or other food.You just press down easily.





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(UKS10 5ml-8ml-10ml with 300ml-450ml-650-750ml container)

PP Syrup Dispenser Pump 5ml 8ml 10ml Dosage with 300ml 450ml 650ml 700ml Container

plastic syrup dispenser pump with 300/450/650/700ml container

Assembled 300ml 450ml 500ml 650ml 700m Plastic Bottle With Screw Cover And UKS10 Plastic Pump Dispenser For Beverage


Here all kinds of sauce dispenser pump fit all UKPACK Co., LTD ‘s bottles 300mL/450mL/650mL/750mL.

Dispenses just the right amount of syrup for your drinks.

With a transparent bottle body design,you can see the inside sauce what it is,or you can stick the label on the smooth bottle ‘s surface,then you will not using by mistake.

Features :

  1. Have big lid andwith 300ml 450ml 650ml 700ml container
  2. Dispenses just the right amount of syrup for your drinks
  3. Dispenses in 10ml increments,also can be 5ml and 8ml
  4. Great for adding syrup to coffees, tea, sodas, smoothies, cocktails, milkshakes and more
  5. High quality syrup pumps


Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • LARGE CAPACITY: Dispenser pump with 300ml,450ml,650ml,700ml PET container.
  • EXCLUSIVE DESIGN – for regular mouth jars to dispense honey,syrup,shampoo or hand soap.
  • KEEPING FRESH – the sealing screw lid is to keep your liquids airtight.
  • NO MORE MESS – 5cc,8cc and 10cc per pump pressing, no drippings or sticky mess afterwards,super easy to pump.
  • RUSTPROOF & BPA-FREE – the pumps and lids are made of food-grade BPA-free plastic. They will never rust like metal ones.

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