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UKR30 square head 38-400 condiment pumps dispenser mayonnaise DaVinci sauce

Davinci chocolate sauce dispenser pumps,can match with 38mm container.Handles viscous products,Such as chocolate sauce,ketchup,etc.Strong and durable,Server life is more than 2000 times.Constructed with food grade materials,Meet the requirements of FDA food contact.





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Handles viscous products,Such as chocolate sauce,ketchup,etc.
Strong and durable,Server life is more than 2000 times

Constructed with food grade materials,Meet the requirements of FDA food contact

Wide range of Closure options

Broad chemical compatibilityDetachable designCustomization optionsPrinting on the flat top makes you products unique

Assorted pump kit ideal for efficiently dispensing condiments, dressings and saucesStandard Plastic Pump can be set to dispense either 1/2 oz or 1 oz portion per strokeIncludes 2 pump head shape designed to fit a wide range of industry standard containers(standard head, square head)Trimmable plastic dip tube accommodates containers of all sizes

Heinz tomato sauce,ketchup/mustard sauce/chocolate sauce.

38-400/38-410 Condiment Pump, can match with 38mm closure size containers.


DaVinci - Syrup Pump

This pump will fit on all the DaVinci syrup bottles listed online (750 mL).

It dispenses 1/4 of an ounce with each pump.

Recommended 2 pumps per 8oz drink.

The pump easily disassembles for cleaning with hot water.


Large Pump Dispenser 38mm Replacement Pumps for Gallon and Half Gallon Bottles

38-400 Size White Heavy Duty Gallon Pump Tops, BPA-Free

Neck size 38-400;

FIT: Sized for 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon bottles, F-style containers, cylinder bottles, industrial round bottles, twin-neck bottles and more;

trim dip tube to desired height, verify neck size 38 millimeter

MULTI-USE: Great for kitchen and food use for sauces, dressings, commercial or home; great for laundry, industrial, and business use.

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