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Refillable PET Airless Pump Bottle with cream treatment dispenser plastic cosmetic packaging supplier UKA76

With airless pump bottles, the product inside the container gets dispensed completely and remains stable throughout its use. Therefore, there’s no repeated opening of the bottle and no degrading of the product. Most importantly, there is little, if any waste.

30ml 50ml
Total height:
120mm, 155.3mm

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Refillable airless bottle-尺寸


Differs from other bottles, it made from PET, outer bottle and cap all are PET. UKPACK’s new PET airless bottle is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a sustainable, stylish, and functional package for their beauty products.
Available in 30ml and 50ml options, the bottle, cap, and base cap are all made of PET material, which is also available in 100% PCR PET.
The use of PET material in cosmetic packaging is ideal due to its recyclability and international recycling code number 1. Additionally, it offers excellent chemical and physical resistance, making it suitable for the majority of beauty products. Its high transparency is also a great feature for highlighting products with unique colours or textures.
The PET airless bottle can be fully decorated using various methods such as injection colour, spray colour, printing, and hot stamping. This allows you to truly personalise your product and make it stand out.

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