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Refillable Airless Jar 100g Advanced Vacuum Bottle Packaging Innovation UKC72

Refillable packaging, meet the requirements of eco friendly packaging. The airless cream jar with bottom rotation and replaceable design is a cosmetic packaging container that combines bottom rotation and replaceable functions, aiming to provide a more convenient, economical, and sustainable user experience. Ideal airless container for cosmetics, such as face creams, face balm, cleanser, lotions etc.

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Our Refillable Airless Jar is the perfect packaging solution for cosmetic and skincare brands. This jar features a simple, minimal, and overall modern look. Elevate your brand’s perceived value by upgrading the visual appeal and utility of your packaging. This jar features a high-quality airless pump to protect your sensitive lotions, serums, foundations, and more from oxidation. The airless pump prevents product waste by dispensing a precise dosage every time and ensuring the use of every last drop. This maintained freshness also allows for the use of fewer preservatives in your formula.

Additionally, this has the option to use refillable inserts, which are ideal for an eco-friendly, subscription-based model. Available in 100ml.

These bottles are completely customizable to your specifications. Choose the perfect color, finish, and print to fit your brand and enhance your product. Finish options include: frosty, matte, satin, semi-gloss, and glossy (in order from least to most shiny).

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