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Single-dose skincare products: what are the features and advantages?

According to the result of study from The Benchmarking Company in 2021, they found that forty-seven percent (47%) of consumers surveyed have purchased a single unit dose beauty or personal care product in the past. Thirty-three percent (33%) of purchasers did so just one time; 15% say they are regular single-dose users, 49% buy single-dose products on occasion, and 3% of those who’ve purchased say they would not do so again.

What is single-dose skincare?

Single-dose skincare is designed to deliver the ideal amount of product every time. These daily portions can come in different forms, from sachets and vials to capsules and more – like the Skin + Me Daily Doser, which dispenses the perfect dose of night serum every time. 
Single-dose packaging can even be used for moisturisers, serums, cleansers and face masks. You might have heard people online talking about “monodosing” – this is just another word for single-dose skincare, not to be confused with “microdosing”.

What are the benefits of single-dose skincare? 

Whether you’re just starting out on your skincare journey or are keen to optimise your routine, there’s usually an element of guesswork involved when it comes to skincare. It can be tricky to know if you’re using the right amount of product – too little and your skin won’t reap the benefits, but too much and you risk unhappy skin or wasted product. 

With single-dose skincare, you don’t need to worry about how much to use, as the right dose is pre-measured for you by the experts. You won’t end up with half-used bottles cluttering up your bathroom cabinets, since you know precisely how many times you can use a product before it runs out. Plus, it’s easier to be mindful of your spending when you know exactly what you’re getting – win-win. 

Because single-dose skincare is usually sealed, you don’t need to dip your hands into pots or jars. This protects your formulations from bacteria, which keeps them fresher for longer. Certain ingredients can also degrade when they come into contact with oxygen and light – however, the single-dose approach shields your products, so they’ll remain potent and effective over time. 

And, if you’re always on the go, single-dose skincare is a great way to only pack what you need. This slimmed-down approach means you don’t need to fill your suitcase with countless products. Simply take enough to last your trip – bonus points if they fit in your hand luggage. 

In fact, this category keeps on growing, could it be the difference your brand is looking for? It offers very specific solutions in a straightforward and punctual manner, so it is used when needed. This category is all about precision, efficiency, and convenience... but what else should we know?
The global monodose packs market is experiencing significant growth, with a 14.9% CAGR projected for the period 2021-2030.

How many are interested?
- 47% of female consumers in the US have bought a single unit-dose beauty product.
- 91% opt for skincare

Product vs Price.
- 52% consider them well-dosed.
- 31%, it means less formula waste.
- 35% think they might be pricier

Packaging and environmnet
- 29% are concerned about wasteful packaging.
- 23% prepared to spend 10% more, on products with environmentally friendly packaging,

→ Precise Dosage, Zero Waste.
Each mono-dose product contains the ideal amount for your skin, ensuring you use just what you need without any wastage. Moreover, it helps preserve the product's active ingredients by protecting them from light and air exposure, ensuring every application remains fresh and effective.

→ Minimizes the carbon footprint.
Lightweight mono-dose packaging minimizes the carbon footprint throughout the product cycle and during transportation.

→ Perfect for Travel.
Most monodose packaging are compact, uncomplicated, and secure. The travel-friendly size ensures you can maintain your skincare routine while flying without any compromises. Take just what you need for the duration of your trip without concerns about overpacking.

→ Customized to Your Needs.
Easily to adapt to your specifics needs, everyone's skin is unique, and your skincare requirements evolve as they respond to your lifestyle.

In conclusion:
Dose precision but also guaranteed safety and inalterability, packaging potential and choice of graphics are the aspects that push towards single-dose packaging.



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