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UKPACK’s Recyclable and Refillable Cosmetic Containers

Refillable Cosmetic Containers / Skincare Tools

In the pursuit of a healthier, more environmentally friendly, and greener way of life, the whole world is working on decreasing energy usage and raw materials while creating more durable and recyclable products. The most popular trend from the last few years in skin care is the environmental concept of natural and recyclable packaging. This trend is only going to increase and spread throughout the industry and UKPACK Packaging has the solutions to make your beauty brand line green.

Refillable cosmetics and skincare packaging is a practical way for beauty, luxury and sustainability to co-exist.

For a more environmentally conscious approach to consumption and a reduction in plastic waste, our  ‘Unsealed Refill Jar’ gives consumers the opportunity to hygienically replace the inner pod with new product again… and again… and again… while retaining a stylish outer pack for a more eco-friendly approach to skincare packaging that doesn’t compromise on quality.


With every refillable chamber purchased instead of an entirely new pack, there will be one full plastic outer-shell saved. This has great applications of use in cosmetics and skin care. Brands like UKPACK are ensuring the quality of these packs withstand frequent use.

For consumers, it is also economical and easy to change the inner chamber. Purchasing cosmetic products with a refillable chamber is cheaper since brands have to buy less packaging.

Once the product is used up, consumers just have to remove the inner chamber and then put the new chamber into the outer shell. Then consumers can place the used inner chamber into the recycling bin.

Launching refillable packaging for your beauty brand is just one small step but will contribute greatly to the long-term development of global resources and the protection of the environment.


In addition, UKPACK produces a variety of sleek, eye-catching packs with refillable chambers and recyclable parts. Consistently anticipating the needs of its clients around the world, the company has expanded its range of refillable packaging and now supply solutions.

From petite cosmetic jars to large capacity skincare products, UKpack has the solution for a greener world.


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