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UKPACK wins Contemporary Good Design Award in 2023



Contemporary Good Design Award, abbreviated as CGD, is an international design award organized by Red Dot.

CGD was initiated by Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG and Xiamen Culture Media Group in 2015. With the expertise of more than six decades and resources in operating a world-leading design award, Red Dot is in charge of the whole judging process, and guarantees its professionalism, fairness and authorativeness. Outstanding products will receive the accolade as a recognition of top design achievement, and enjoy professional winner services provided by the CGD committee.

Winning a Red Dot is a very special honour for the laureates as the award is only given to works with a high design quality. The laureates profit from various measures, all of which communicate their success in an internationally visible way: They can use the well-known Red Dot label which generates a great deal of attention for any product, communication work or prototype thanks to its striking appearance. Furthermore, the winning works are exhibited in exhibitions all around the world.


UKPACK’s Award-winning Work – One-click Open Push Down Dispenser Bottle

UKG31 makeup remover bottle


Our revolutionary makeup remover pump bottle with a one-touch, button-activated cap for ultimate convenience. Simply press the button, and the cap effortlessly opens, allowing you to easily dispense makeup remover with just one hand. Say goodbye to the hassle of unscrewing caps or struggling with tight lids.

Our innovative design ensures a seamless and efficient makeup removal experience. Enjoy the simplicity and functionality of our one-key opening makeup remover bottle, making your beauty routine more effortless and enjoyable.


Discuss about “DESIGN” -Design Salon

Good design is not created behind closed doors, but originates from observation and reflection on life, and is a new trend that can be traced.
In the current harsh competitive market environment, we need to think. Even if we do a little something to advance and change the relationship between design and manufacturing and industry and the environment.

UKPACK, specialize in a comprehensive range of services, offering a one-stop solution for beauty brands from design and prototyping to large-scale production and efficient transportation. We take pride in delivering competitive packaging that meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures that our clients receive cutting-edge packaging solutions that not only enhance their brand image but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious industry.

Elevate your brand with UKPACK – your trusted partner for top-tier beauty packaging.


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