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Powder bottle- Stylish&Unique packaging for powdery cosmetics

” UKPACK packaging is now pleased to introduce a stylish powder bottle for powdery beauty products.”

talcum powder bottle

(SKU: UKL21   Item name:Talcum powder bottle 100g 150g)

Exclusive powder reducer for convenience

An important reason for this bottle to be powder exclusive is the powder reducer it contains. A key factor preventing consumers from choosing powder is the difficulty of dosing. Ordinary bottle with large orifices make using powder clumsy and inconvenient. The slightest carelessness in use can result in too much powder being shaken out and causing waste. To solve this problem, powder-exclusive is fitted with an exclusive powder reducer, so that the amount of powder poured each time is controlled and no more powder will be wasting.

Customisation available to match with brand image
The bottle itself can be customised in any color, in keeping with the brand’s style. In addition, the powder bottles can be combined with other sustainable concepts, such as making with recycled PCR material. The bottle is made of PP, the cap is PP and the reducer is PP.



powder sprayer bottle

(SKU: UKP10  Item name: Powder sprayer botte )

This refillable 35g/60g spray powder bottle features a fine mist sprayer for applying powder and glitter formulations. The unique interior mechanism helps gather the product towards the inner tube, allowing for maximum product dispersion.

Perfect for packaging body powders and performing advanced body painting techniques. Can also be used for root touch up powder.


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