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Bangkok, June 13-15, 2024 – UKPACK, a leading supplier of packaging solutions, recently concluded a successful participation at the Cosmoprof CBE Asean Bangkok 2024. The event, held from June 13 to 15 at the Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Centre, saw UKPACK demonstrating its innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for beauty, cosmetics, skincare, personal care, and more.

UKPACK’s booth attracted a significant number of visitors, including industry experts, brand representatives, and potential clients. The company’s professional team provided detailed presentations on its latest packaging technologies and designs, which not only enhance product aesthetics and functionality but also emphasize environmental conservation and sustainability. UKPACK’s packaging solutions are designed to help brands increase their market competitiveness while reducing environmental impact.

Over the three-day event, UKPACK showcased a variety of innovative products, including cosmetic tubes made from recyclable materials, refillable cosmetic packaging, biodegradable plastic containers, smart packaging solutions, etc. These products not only demonstrate UKPACK’s leading position in packaging technology but also reflect the company’s commitment to sustainable development.

Lucas Ji, General Manager of UKPACK, stated, “We are thrilled to have showcased our latest products and innovative technologies at Cosmoprof CBE Asean Bangkok 2024. Our goal is to provide packaging solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly, helping our clients enhance their brand value and market influence. This event was a great opportunity for us to engage with industry leaders and innovators, working together to promote sustainable development in the industry.”

Following the successful conclusion of the event, UKPACK has received collaboration intentions and orders from various countries and regions. The company has expressed its commitment to continuing the development of more innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions to meet the global market demand.

UKPACK extends its gratitude to all visitors and partners for their support during the exhibition and looks forward to continuing to work with global clients and partners to drive innovation and sustainable development in the packaging industry.


UKPACK is a professional cosmetic packaging company dedicated to providing packaging solutions for various sectors including beauty, cosmetics, skincare, and personal care. The company is renowned in the industry for its innovative designs, high-quality products, and responsible environmental practices. For more information, please contact us.

Post time: 2024-06-28 11:19:35
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