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The Popularity and Trends of Skincare Kits in 2024

The importance of a skincare routine

Establishing a skincare routine can help you understand your skin concerns and how to treat them. As there’s a host of skincare products out there, it can be tricky to know where to start. The basics of any skincare routine? A cleanser to clean the skin, a toner to remove any impurities and a hydrating moisturiser to finish.

Why the order of your skincare routine matters

If you want your skin to soak up the full benefits of each product, start with products that penetrate the skin, such as antioxidant serums, and let any emollients, like moisturisers, sit on top. This way, you’re not compromising the efficacy of your routine and still getting the best results.

Your 7 step skincare routine with No7
  1. 1. Cleanse.
  2. 2. Tone.
  3. 3. Serum. 
  4. 4. Eye cream. 
  5. 5. Treatment.
  6. 6. Moisturiser.
  7. 7. Sunscreen.

These seven products mentioned usually are regards as a SKINCARE KIT.  These kits are sets of products selected to provide a complete routine or address a specific need. These kits are designed to offer a comprehensive experience and make the consumer's life easier.

Next, let's discuss about the Popularity of kits:

1.   Convenience and practicality: The main reason behind the popularity of these kits is the convenience they offer. 

By purchasing a kit, consumers get all the necessary products in one package, which is especially useful for those who have a busy lifestyle or who prefer an all-in-one beauty solution.
2.   Economic savings: Kits usually offer better value for money compared to purchasing individual products. Brands often include discounts on these sets, allowing consumers to get more for their money.
3.   Expert healing: The products in a kit are selected by experts, ensuring they work well together. This eliminates the need for consumers to research and select compatible products themselves.
4.   Attractive presentation: Kits usually come in attractive and well-designed packaging, making them ideal for gifting. During holiday seasons, these kits become popular gift options due to their presentation and value.
In addition, these kits also offer several benefits for the company:
1. Increase in sales: By offering a package with several products, brands can increase their sales volume. Consumers are more likely to purchase a kit when they perceive they are getting a good deal.

2. Customer loyalty: Kits can help brands build a loyal customer base. Consumers satisfied with a kit are more likely to continue purchasing products from the same brand.
3. Effective marketing strategies: The kits allow brands to create attractive marketing campaigns. Limited editions, collaborations and seasonal promotions can keep consumers interested and increase sales.
4. Consumer education: Kits are a great way to introduce new products and educate consumers on how to use them correctly. This can improve user experience and increase customer satisfaction.
Their ability to offer high-quality products in a cohesive and attractive package ensures that they will continue to be a vital component in brands' marketing strategies and a favorite option for consumers seeking convenience and value.

No beauty category gets beauty consumers’ pulses racing quite like skin care. Whether it’s the discovery of a hot challenger brand, or a highly anticipated breakthrough from a long established leader, the consumer appetite for skin care is growing increasingly voracious – from the very youngest through to older generations.

The proof is in the data. With a global market value hitting $160bn in 2023, skin care sales are sizzling.

Across Europe, sales shot up by 10% in value terms and 9% in units last year, according to Circana, with toners and clarifiers, lip treatments, serums and body care in particular over-indexing versus the category average.

The UK specifically saw prestige skin care grow by 16% in value and 22% in units, while in the US, prestige and mass skin care grew by 16% and 11% respectively.

So let's explore more the trends of skincare kits in 2024:

For 2024 skincare and beauty trends, it’s all about the return to real. Real skin, real ingredients, real results. No filters, no airbrushing, just healthy, glowing skin that’s all you. 

Less is still more in 2024, but we want our products to specialize in their target area—with bonus benefits to boot. That’s where skincare-makeup hybrids continue their growth path. Multitasking formulations that offer multiple benefits while still staying true to their core purpose. And, a new trend is born—Skin Streaming. Skincare’s answer to a capsule wardrobe, Skin Streaming is simply streamlining your skincare routine down to the most effective players. 

Beauty trends in 2024 follow a similar streaming route to skincare. Makeup-skincare hybrids rule, and we want them to be even easier to use—stick formats for the win, versatile formulations for any part of our face—cheek, lip, and eye make the ultimate trifecta, and we want them loaded with skincare nourishers too. For makeup looks, we’re moving away from seeming too “done” in favor of being more effortless and nonchalant. We want to give one feature that main character energy, so an eye, a lip, or a cheek, with the supporting cast feeling soft and fresh. 

“Skin Streaming is a newbie for 2024 but shares a similar principle to Skin Minimalism, with this idea to return to the building blocks of your skincare routine.” Steph Scalet said, Glo’s Global Aesthetics Lead.


From Tiktok, on the one hand, we will find that some of the top videos on the app fall under the #skincare hashtag and have gathered more than 25 million views. it means TikTok’s preoccupation with achieving the perfect skin is far bigger than any one single trend.  On another hand, with an astonishing 74 billion views under the #beauty tag alone, TikTok has become a pivotal space for shaping current beauty trends and influencing consumer behavior. From mesmerizing makeup transformations to insightful skincare tutorials, must to say that the platform has become a hub for beauty inspiration and innovation.

However, do you know the Tiktok skincare trends in 2024?

Science is taking center stage in 2024’s viral skincare trends. With exciting new ingredient innovations including neurocosmetics, supercharged classics, and barrier boosters aimed at improving your skin’s overall health, the skincare trends that will rule TikTok in 2024 share a common goal: calmer, smoother, more even skin from head to toe using clinically-proven ingredients.

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