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The Future Development Direction Of Cosmetics And Detergent Packaging

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1.Multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding technology

The packaging industry has been committed to developing a packaging product that can not only effectively protect the quality of the content, but also meet the needs of luxurious and novel appearance. Using multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding technology, the produced plastic containers can meet the above two requirements, so that plastics of different properties and types can be co-extruded together and formed at one time. The product combines the advantages of each component material to meet high-end cosmetics, The barrier properties of detergents. On the one hand, it completely isolates light and air and avoids oxidation of cosmetics. On the other hand, by kneading different kinds of plastics, it can obtain wonderful visual effects and unique feel in appearance.

2. Development and design of environmentally friendly packaging materials

Many daily chemical companies have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues, adding environmental protection considerations to the selection of packaging materials, considering whether these materials can be recycled. To develop environmentally friendly packaging, we must consider:
(1) Pay attention to the development and replacement of packaging materials, develop environmentally friendly materials to replace traditional materials,
(2) Pay attention to the recycling and reuse of packaging waste;
(3) Actively adapt to the global green consumption fashion, and promote the development of product packaging towards “environmental packaging”.

3. Plastic bottles still occupy an important position

The advantages of plastic containers have always been light weight, strong and easy to produce. With the development of plastic technology, plastic products have achieved the transparent characteristics that only glass had in the past. PETG is easy to be colored, and after anti-W treatment, the transparency remains unchanged, and it may gradually replace glass bottles. The development of various functional plastic containers, such as anti-ultraviolet HDPE plastic bottles, for packaging cosmetics and detergents, is also very promising. Pay attention to the use and development of new materials and new technologies to meet the needs of different grades of product packaging and consumers.

4. The structural design and humanized design of the product must closely follow the product demand and have a sense of advancement

Pay attention to market research and understand the development trend of plastic bottle packaging and consumer needs. Put forward better packaging design ideas, better cater to consumer preferences, and launch products that must be targeted. Only in this way can manufacturers be invincible in the fierce market competition.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, consumers’ requirements for product packaging are also increasing. The market competition of cosmetics and detergents is not only the competition of the internal quality of the products, but the importance of product packaging is also becoming more and more prominent. The current focus of the development of plastic packaging containers for cosmetics and detergents is the development and selection of new materials, new processing technologies, and the pursuit of new shapes and humanized designs, so as to highlight the novelty and elegance of products and improve product competitiveness.

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