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Everything You Must To Know About Roll-Ons!


Roll on deodorant containers are typically made of plastic, metal, or glass. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. With the improvement of people’s living standards, there are more and more products using empty roller bottles as packaging on the market. Therefore, an increasingly demanded format in the world of cosmetics.

By the way, in this article, you can learn more about roll on bottles, such as definition/application/benefits and trends etc.


What is roll on bottle?

Empty roll on deodorant containers is a convenient container for storing and applying liquid materials. This is a very common plastic packaging on the market. Many manufacturers use them to package eye cream, lipstick, deodorant, medicine, etc. The liquid capacity that roll on bottle can hold is generally not large. A ball is installed on the head of the bottle body. 

Products in roll-on format are distinguished by their rolling ball applicator, which distributes the product evenly and precisely on the skin, ensuring that the product reaches only the desired areas. This particularity ensures a focused and efficient application of the product.


Woman applying deodorant on armpit . Beautiful female putting antiperspirant stick on underarms

Application of Roller Ball Bottle

Roller ball bottles have a wide range of applications, and cosmetics are one of their common uses. Roll on deodorant bottles apply eye cream, lipstick, deodorant and other cosmetics evenly on the skin, and the skin can also feel a cool feeling. For products that are used in a small area in a designated location, it is more professional to use roller bottle packaging.

Roll on deodorant bottles are also widely used in medicine packaging to make medicine spread more evenly, roll on deodorant bottles can spread medicine on the required position and improve the unevenness of hand application.



Reading this, you must also be puzzled as to why this packaging can be used for so many products, right?  Don’t worry, here you are some of the key benefits of products in roll-on format: 

-Durability: The concentration of essential oils in these products ensures a longer-lasting fragrance, allowing the roll-on pack to remain effective for an extended period.

- Precision and cost-effectiveness: The precise application facilitated by the rolling ball ensures controlled use of the product, avoiding waste by applying the right amount. This feature, combined with the concentration of essential oils, contributes to the durability and cost-effectiveness of roll-ons, maximizing their efficiency and duration.

- Hygienic and Waste-free Application: The rolling ball allows hygienic application by avoiding direct contact of the product with hands. Furthermore, with the product contained in a closed package, the possibility of cross-contamination with other products is reduced. This design also minimizes spills, keeping both the application area and the environment clean and free of unwanted residues.

- Portability and convenience: Due to their compact size, they are easy to carry in bags, pockets, or cosmetic cases, making them ideal for travel or quick on-the-go applications.

- Optimal formulation: Perfumed oils in roll-on packs are formulated and diluted properly to be safe and effective on the skin, avoiding irritations or adverse effects.




In the early 1900s, deodorants were made from flowers and pastes. Despite so many changes and adaptations in our societies, worries about one’s body odor have seemingly always been in the human psyche.

Body odor is still a real concern in modern society today. For this reason alone, the sale of deodorants and antiperspirants is predicted to hit an estimated $30.7 billion by 2026.

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