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Over the past several years the humble deodorant stick has experienced surging popularity in an array of trending categories. The classic deodorant stick packaging is now being used for a variety of solid formula products. The easy to carry, easy to dispense nature of the tube makes it an excellent option for lotion bars, sports balms, sunblock sticks, topical medication tubes, and even cosmetics such as bronzer bars, blush sticks and perfume bars.
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roducts in stick format have become essential elements in modern beauty routines in the current market. The deodorant stick market is estimated to be valued at US$ 2,048.8 million in 2023 and is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 3,500 million by 2033. The adoption of deodorant stick is likely to advance at a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period.

But you must be wondering why it has become so popular.  And why is deodorant packaging so important?

Your product packaging is a customer’s first contact with your brand and directly impacts your product sales and brand recognition. Why is deodorant stick packaging so important in commodity competition?

1. Brand identity

Since your product packaging makes the first impression on your customers, it can have a major impact on your brand image and perception so that your customers can identify your product and brand from a distance just by looking at the packaging. The first thing a brand becomes tangible is product packaging, and a customer’s visual, sensory and tactile experience will determine whether or not they buy a product.

2. Partial experience

For customers, the “unboxing” experience is almost as important as the fun of the product itself. This is why unboxing videos have become popular on Instagram and YouTube.

Product packaging plays a vital role in providing a pleasant customer experience after the first purchase. In addition to buying the product, they also feel special when they open the package. Through this, you become part of this precious moment.

3. Stand out on the shelf

As more brands try to create unique products or experiment with their store displays, products compete for attention on the shelves. Branded packaging can help your products stand out and make your brand more attractive to retailers.

4. An opportunity to share your brand values

By designing your product packaging to make your product more attractive, you can enhance the overall look and feel of your product. But beyond that, it plays a vital role in communicating your brand story and the values you hold. With smart product copy, you can communicate how your product will feel to your customers, the materials used to make it, and how it will impact their lives. Not only that, but the materials you use also demonstrate your love for the environment and the values you adhere to. This ultimately affects your overall brand image and fosters customer loyalty.

5. Connect with your customers

Your brand’s packaging is the first impression your customers see, and it’s the packaging that helps you create a direct dialogue with your customers and build a long-term connection with them.

6. Differentiate your brand

Today, product competition is more intense than ever. However, your packaging can differentiate you from other brands selling similar products so that customers choose you over them. If you want your product to gain a competitive advantage and describe your product as the first choice of customers, the custom deodorant container is your choice.

Stick packaging has evolved into a beauty revolution, offering various benefits and making them essential for both makeup and skincare. This versatility has led many companies to adopt the stick format in a wide range of products, demonstrating that convenience and effectiveness are key in the pursuit of modern beauty.

Finally, in recent years, rising usage of single-use cosmetic products has increased solid waste in the environment. This has prompted cosmetic companies to innovate, paying the way for the development of refillable products, such as refillable deodorants and perfumes. Several reliable deodorant companies also invest in innovative and aesthetically pleasing packaging designs for their refillable products, such as Dove, Myro, Salt of the Earth, Fussy, Old Spice, and By Humankind etc. 

In a word, innovation remains at the heart of refillable deodorant manufacturers’ strategy to disrupt the entire industry. 

Post time: 2024-02-20 14:48:58
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