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Wholesale Lotion Pump,Spray pump, Caps for Bottles

We stock a variety of lotion pump caps for many liquid dispensing applications. Most of our lotion pumps dispense between 0.1cc – 5.00cc output per stroke to allow for easy dispensing of high viscosity products, but we do have 10cc-30cc output support on some lotion pump caps.

Our lotion pumps are classically designed for various product styles. We have saddle-head dispensing pumps available in standard white, black, and natural with smooth or ribbed caps. We also carry treatment pumps in black, white, and silver with smooth or ribbed caps.

Locking Pump Heads

Our lotion pumps have a safe and secure screw down head lock. These lotion pumps easily engage by simply unscrewing the head. Safely store and transport product by screwing down the lotion pump’s head back into the cap.

Super Fine Mist Sprayer bottle

Dispensing Pump Bottles

The pump dispenser caps are a perfect fit for the bottles available at UKPACK Packaging.

24/410 cap sized and plastic bottles

28/410 cap sized and plastic bottles

24/400 cap sized and plastic bottles

28/400 cap sized and plastic bottles

Product Applications

Hand and Body Lotions

Liquid Soaps

Hand Sanitizers

Body Wash



Cosmetic Creams

Cleaning Products

Testing Compatibility

Products containing reactive ingredients such as essential oils must be tested with the closure and container combination for compatibility. Always test your product with the closure/container combination before marketing your product.

Press cap:

Flip top Cap: