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Plastic Bottles- cosmetic packaging

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Plastic Bottles-cosmetic packaging

UKPACK is a cutting-edge supplier of cosmetic bottles offering a wide variety of materials, styles and designs that can be customized to fit your individual product.

Innovative Options in Cosmetic Bottles

In today’s competitive cosmetics market, we understand the need to make your brand stand out from the rest. This means not only bringing a quality product to market but also packaging it in a way that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

Appealing to Your Sense of Aesthetics as Well as Your Bottom Line

UKPACK is a cutting-edge supplier of cosmetic bottles offering a wide variety of materials, styles and designs that can be customized to fit your individual product. We offer solutions that will convey your brand in the marketplace with innovative and cutting-edge technology. Our line of cosmetic bottles and packaging not only offers the right aesthetics and functionality but appeals to your bottom line.

Our wide selection of bottles is suitable for a vast range of applications from the personal cosmetics and health industry to spa and salon-worthy looks. From dispensing to non-dispensing, airless pump to conventional pump, hip and trendy to sleek and classic, we offer a selection of cosmetic bottles that is sure to fill your need.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are the most widely used containers for cosmetics today and can be produced with many different types of resins. The type of material you choose will be dependent on the nature and permeability of your product contents.

Each material will lend itself to certain attributes, colors and decor features. Depending on the resin material you choose for your product, you have options for your choice of decorations.

We offer plastic cosmetic bottles made from these materials as well as others:

PP plastic — is strong with a high melting point, resistant to water, air and higher temperatures

PE(LDPD&HDPE):Advantages: 1. Polyethylene material has good chemical stability and stable product performance 2. Good tolerance to many chemicals including hydrochloric acid, formic acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide at room temperature Disadvantages: 1. Polyethylene has poor tolerance to sulfuric acid and nitric acid

AS and ACRYLIC — have the benefits of transparency, gloss and heat resistance

PET — will be used in containers with thicker walls for a higher grade of cosmetics. It can offer a texture that is similar to glass bottles and offers the benefits of chemical resistance as well as moisture barrier attributes and impact resistance

PETG :has the same transparency as glass and the density close to glass. It is easy to process and can be injected, injected, blown and extruded. It can also produce unique shape, appearance and special effects. In addition, other polyester, elastic plastic or ABS can be used for overlapping injection molding. The order of temperature resistance with other materials is: PC > PP > PMMA > ABS > hips > PETG > PVC > PE.

PCR — a green alternative for your packaging solutions, it is a recycled product that can offer a decreased carbon footprint while increasing profit and brand image

Our line of plastic bottles allows you a broad spectrum of options in a variety of colors and shapes.

Our Packaging Allows Your Products to Stand Out

Your product and brand are important. It’s critical that your packaging allows your brand to be conveyed in its best possible light. We are experts at offering innovative product design, ensuring that you stand out from the rest with brand-defining packaging.

At UKPACK, we offer cosmetic bottles and a full line of innovative packaging that challenges the ordinary. To that end, we are dedicated to inventing, innovating and engineering the finest packaging solutions to help you get noticed in a crowded industry. For information about our full line of cosmetic bottles, go to our website for a full catalog at http://www.ukpackpackaging.com

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