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How to Appeal to Younger Audiences with Your Packaging

When designing packaging, the key is to know your target audience.   How do we captivate an audience whose tastes are constantly evolving?

56% of consumers are drawn to a product by a recognizable logo on the packaging. 53% say bright colors attract their attention.
Younger audiences are among the consumers who prefer minimalist designs and sustainable CPG packaging materials.  Packaging designed for the young audience stands out for being vibrant, modern, and creative, with the aim of instantly capturing the attention of a dynamic and ever-evolving audience.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure younger shoppers are enticed by your packaging design:

1.  Customize Content

Today’s younger consumers want to see content that fits their preferences. You can accomplish this by customizing shopper pages so when consumers log in, the information they see matches their product choices based on past purchases. Amazon is a great example of this, as one consumer’s page will look different from that of another.
Customize consumers’ experiences by leveraging data. If a consumer purchased a “green” product, show them packaging and other products manufactured from sustainable materials.

2. Improve the Unboxing Experience
Younger audiences appreciate the unboxing experience and often post it on social media. Popular colors for packaging materials and logos include pink and rose gold. Clean and simple packaging appeals to many young influencers who have a preference for minimal packaging designs. 
Personalizing the CPG packaging also appeals to younger audiences. Cosmetics company Bare Minerals, for example, decreased the shade ranges of their foundation colors but also began featuring the name of the purchaser on each package. This makes the unboxing experience more fun.

Besides, some recurring characteristics of these packages include:

- Modern Visual Aesthetics:
 The design focuses on contemporary visual elements that reflect the latest trends in art, fashion, and youth culture. From abstract illustrations to geometric patterns, the goal is to convey a sense of modernity.
- Curious and Eye-catching Typography:
Fonts used in packaging for young people are often informal, playful, and attractive. They may include handwritten letters, large and striking typefaces, or even custom styles to add a unique touch.
- Dynamic Graphic Elements:
Dynamic graphics that generate a sense of movement and energy are incorporated. Curved lines, arrows, gradients, or other details bring dynamism to the product presentation.
- Vibrant Colors:
The use of vibrant and bold colors is distinctive. Palettes are carefully chosen to grab attention and convey a sense of vitality, evoking specific emotions.
- Interactive Packaging:
Some designs integrate interactive features to engage the consumer. This could include fold-out labels, customization areas, or QR codes leading to additional digital experiences.
- Balance Between Simplicity and Complexity:
Although the design can be eye-catching, a harmonious balance between simplicity and complexity is sought. Key elements stand out without overwhelming, creating an attractive yet accessible design.

Younger shoppers are changing the face of retail. Per Dr. Billy McKim, a professor at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, more than half of consumers in the coming years will be millennials. As Dr. McKim explained, “Millennials are on the move, and many are concerned with being efficient with their time.”
These consumers know what they want and are willing to shop around to get it. That’s why making the CPG packaging appealing on store shelves and online will pay off in a big way. These consumers will go on to share their experiences on social media, influencing the buying decisions of their peers. This broadens the scope of brand loyalty and takes brand trust to a whole new level.

Post time: 2024-05-11 16:05:32
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