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Mono-material packaging: A recycler’s wish

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We all know that anything that can’t be recycled is either burned or sent to landfill. Provided that we use the right bins, everything else – whether it’s paper, cardboard, glass or plastic – is sent to material recovery facilities. From there, it’s sorted into its constituent parts and is then sent off to be recycled. This puts our consciences at ease and we don’t give too much thought to what happens after.

However, the problem is that most of the packaging we send off to be recycled consists of lots of different materials. This then makes it difficult to sort and separate the materials to be recycled. So, what is mono material packaging and, more importantly, how can it support a circular economy?

Mono-material packaging is a package that includes only one type of material in its manufacturing.

Because they only consist of a single material, mono-materials are typically easier to recycle than products made from different things. An added benefit is that they generally use less energy to recycle because a ‘pre-stage’ of splitting or dividing the various materials apart doesn’t have to be taken into account.The overall recycling process is, therefore, faster, more efficient, less energy-intensive and more cost-effective.

Mono-materials are particularly crucial for the packaging industry because anything that can’t be recycled is going to landfill. Because packaging is so plentiful, any reduction in landfill or increase in packaging that can be recycled is hugely beneficial to the environment.

Let’s face it, consumers today are becoming increasingly aware of the problems with recycling plastic – and they want a solution! Pretty soon mixed plastic products could become as taboo as single-use plastic bags or tobacco. Improving recyclability is no longer a nice extra, but an expectation that consumers have for businesses.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a social shift away from unsustainable products. 60% of consumers say that they strive to make more environmentally-friendly choices when making purchases – this includes opting for products with more sustainable packaging. With this in mind, it’s important for businesses to consider sustainable packaging solutions for their products.

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