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Let’s Explore Solid Perfumes and a New Trend of Fragrances!

Perfumery, as the art of making perfumes, began in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley civilization and possibly Ancient China. It was further refined by the Romans and the Muslims. But France is renowned for its perfume industry and is home to some of the world’s most famous perfumeries, such as the Maison Guerlain.

François Coty, the father of modern perfumery, a pioneer and industrialist, commonly used natural “Absolutes”, from the development of the extraction technique using volatile solvents, that he used with new synthesis products.

As you know, Fragrances, most often liquid, whether for big brands – such as Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, Jo Malone London etc. – or for the original new brands, the majority of designers are liquid-based. However, liquid perfumes are not free from alcohol content, which not only limits the use of people, but also tends to evaporate faster at certain temperatures.

However, Have you ever heard of a solid perfume?! It’s simply a perfume or scent with a balm-like consistency instead of a liquid, similar to a lip balm. They can be carried in lip-balm style tubes or other small containers.  You may have seen them around in shops like Lush, Glossier or even Givenchy. You might have spotted their colourful packaging in the pockets of celebrities and influencers, or caught a whiff of their delicate fragrance. Numerous brands are going into solid cosmetics and perfumes.

What is this new trend sweeping up the world of cosmetics?

What’s behind this concept?

 What advantages do these offer to consumers and to your company?


What is solid perfume anyway?

Solid perfumes have existed for centuries. Ancient Egyptians were already making them by using a mix of beeswax and fragrant oils. Rumour has it, they were a favourite of Cleopatra herself.

The recipe, simple and effective, has not changed much since those days. Mix some wax and oils, and you’re already most of the way there. You can apply the resulting balm to your pulse points, just like regular perfume.


How is the market for solid perfume?

The Solid Perfume Market is Forecasted to Reach a Multimillion-Dollar Valuation by 2030, Exhibiting an Unexpected CAGR During the Forecast Period of 2023-2030, as Compared to Data from 2016 to 2022.

TOP Manufacturers Listed in Solid Perfume Market Report are: -

  • Bougie & Senteur
  • Jean Niel
  • Diptyque
  • Fury Bros.
  • Aroamas
  • LUSH
  • L’Occitane
  • Sweet Anthem Perfumes


Why you should make the switch to solid perfume?

1.Skinification of perfumes:

The use of cosmetic-grade ingredients further enhances these formulations, incorporating properties like hydration, sun protection, or anti-aging benefits. Solid perfumes effortlessly serve dual or hybrid purposes, utilizing essential oils to not only enhance fragrance longevity but also create versatile products that seamlessly integrate skincare, makeup, and fragrances. Crafting them provides extensive customization opportunities. Perfumers can experiment with different base ingredients and fragrance concentrations, resulting in a unique products.

2.Ingredients concentration:

Solid perfumes include fragrance oils or essential oils. The concentration of these components varies, influencing the scent’s intensity and duration. Higher concentrations lead to a more potent and longer-lasting fragrance on the skin. Directly applied to the skin, the balm softens with body warmth, facilitating easy spreading. The skin’s natural oils aid in the perfume’s absorption, ensuring a gradual and sustained release of the fragrance throughout the day.

3.Sustainability of solids:

Solids involve fewer chemicals, featuring ingredients in a purer state. They minimize water and raw material usage, including packaging. Additionally, their concentrated nature allows for precise dosing, resulting in longer-lasting effects. Many environmentally conscious brands prioritize sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly packaging and sourcing natural, cruelty-free ingredients in crafting solid perfumes.

4.Portability and convenience:
Solid perfumes come in small, compact containers, perfect for on-the-go use. The lack of liquid eliminates spill risks, making them travel-friendly and preferred by those seeking a practical and mess-free option.

Check out the solid perfumes below, including a men’s scent!


1. Lush Vanillary Solid Perfume US$11.95
2. Glossier You Perfume Solid US$22
3. Diptyque Do Son Solid Perfume US$50
4. Solid State Men’s Drifter Solid Perfume AUD$39.95


Do you have solid fragrance?  Let’s DIY to turn your favourite scent into a solid perfume, or create your own solid perfumes from scratch!

UKPACK, can assist you to find the ideal packaging to package your products!

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