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The trend of foam pump packaging:

The mousse format has become a dominant choice in the market due to its uniqueness and ability to provide an exceptional sensory experience, surpassing traditional liquid formats.

However, do you know what the foam pump is?
A foam pump, or squeeze foamer and dispensing device is a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid materials. The foam pump outputs the liquid in the form of foam and it is operated by squeezing. The parts of the foam pump, mostly made from polypropylene (PP), are similar to those of other pump devices. The foaming pump often comes with a protective cap.

It doses of the liquid contained in the bottle in the form of foam. Foam is created in the foaming chamber. The liquid constituents are mixed in the foaming chamber and this is discharged through a nylon mesh. The neck finish size of a foam pump is bigger than the neck finish size of other types of pumps, to accommodate the foamer chamber. 

Where hair-coloring products previously contained instructions to vigorously shake the product, squeeze the bottle, and turn upside-down to disperse the product, foamers do not require any such actions. Some foaming dispensers include suction on the bottom to allow the container to remain upright. Besides, foamers can also be re-used with different liquid products to extend the mass of the liquid by creating a foam-version. 

This type of format offers a tactile and visually stimulating experience that has captivated a wide audience.

Let's think about why the mousse form is growing in popularity! 

1. Qualities that make it popular

2. Silky and Light Texture: The distinctive feature of products in mousse format is their light and silky texture. When applied, the foam glides smoothly onto the skin. Its softness and fluffiness to the touch make it an irresistible choice for those seeking an easy and effective application, without leaving a heavy or sticky feeling. This tactile experience is pleasant and comforting, making the application a true delight.

3. Sensory Experience: From the moment the dispenser is pressed and the foam emerges to when it is applied to the skin, each step becomes a moment of indulgence. The refreshing and gentle sensation of the foam creates an almost therapeutic experience that leaves a feeling of well-being.

4. Visually Appealing: In addition to its appealing texture, products in mousse format are also visually attractive. The light and fluffy foam has an ethereal appearance that invites you to touch it and check its texture. The packaging is often elegant and modern, adding a touch of sophistication to any vanity or bathroom. The transparency of the foam allows the product to be seen, adding an element of elegance to the user experience.

5. Ease and Effectiveness: Products in mousse format are not only sensorially appealing but also highly effective and easy to apply. Their light and frothy texture allows for easy and controlled application thanks to the dispenser. They absorb easily into the skin, providing visible results and leaving the skin feeling fresh and revitalized without greasy residues. Additionally, they offer effective hydration and nourishment, leaving a final feeling of freshness.

In conclusion, all the previously mentioned qualities of this format, in addition to its unique sensory experience and effectiveness, make them irresistible for anyone.


We can provide you two styles of foam packaging, the one is common foam pump, the one is all-plastic foam pump.  Compared to previous one, the latter is more recyclable and sustainable. The all plastic foam pump, made of plastic, even the internal spring is plastic. The next step, we will develop further advanced sustainable foam pump, maybe the mono material?  What do you think?

If interested in learn more, please feel free to contact us!

Post time: 2024-03-25 16:17:38
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