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Packaging is now a strategic asset driving success in the consumer health market. Explore UKPACK's latest blog and how cutting-edge packaging solutions are empowering supplement producers and brands.
As we know, packaging is no longer just a means of protecting vitamins and supplements; it has become a strategic asset that can drive your success in this dynamic market. The transformative role of packaging in the consumer health space is opening up opportunities for you.

Improved packaging formats for supplements: A notable trend is the shift from traditional rigid plastic bottles to flexible packaging such as blister packs, pouches and sachets. Blister packs have been long used for pharmaceutical products. They have become a go-to choice for supplements as well.

More sustainable packaging solutions: In response to growing environmental concerns, the European Union has published the draft Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), creating a significant shift toward more sustainable packaging practices. Packaging producers and brands are now required to meet specific sustainability targets, including the use of recycle-ready materials and steps to reduce packaging waste. Embracing more sustainable packaging practices not only reduces environmental impact but also fosters brand loyalty among consumers who prioritise sustainability. 

Added consumer convenience:  Packaging plays a key role in delivering better user experiences with features that enhance convenience and usability. By prioritizing consumer convenience through packaging design, vitamin and supplement producers can enhance the overall user experience, improve brand perception, and foster customer loyalty.

Future packaging trends:  The future of vitamins and supplements packaging is an exciting opportunity. Growing demands for customization and personalization in packaging designs show that consumers seek packaging which mirrors the trend for personalized supplements. The packaging needs to reflect how the product inside is designed specifically for them. This includes having packaging that can be personalized with colours, messages and designs.

Best Types of Packaging for Supplements and Vitamins

There are numerous ways to package supplements and vitamins. The best option depends on what type of product you’re selling and how you expect the consumer to use it. Here are four popular packaging options.  

1. Bottles
Plastic or glass bottles are the most popular type of supplement packaging. Bottle color can range from crystal clear to jet black. You can transform a humble vitamin bottle into something truly eye-catching by pairing it with a custom label that matches the color of the bottle material.

2. Resealable flat-bottomed bag
Due to their ease of use, resalable flat-bottomed bags are the supplement packaging of choice for powders. They’re easy to reseal and can stand up on their own. As a bonus, their large, flat sides make an ideal canvas for applying custom bag labels.

3. Single-serve packets
Single-serve packets are ideal for use with custom formulated vitamin regimes and powdered supplements like a vitamin-infused drink mix designed to be dissolved in water or juice. This type of packaging takes the guesswork out of dosing and makes it very convenient for customers to stash in a backpack or purse.

4. Custom folding cartons
Custom folding cartons provide an additional layer of product protection when compared to using a bottle alone. They also act as another layer of advertising, providing an additional opportunity to engage with consumers, sharing important information about the product and brand. 

5. Considerations & Requirements When Packaging Supplements
One of the most important things to keep in mind with custom supplement packaging is compliance with FDA guidelines on the type of consumer information that must be included on any supplement label. Required information includes an identifying statement, quality, nutritional information, ingredients, and the contact details of the company that manufactured, packed, and distributed the supplement. Our recent post on this topic includes the full details on creating an FDA-compliant supplement label.


Choosing the best packaging for your supplements involves careful consideration of various factors, from material choices to consumer convenience and regulatory compliance. By understanding your product’s needs and keeping up with industry trends, you can select packaging that not only protects your product but also appeals to your customers. Now, through this article, you know how to choose the best packaging for supplements.

But how do you find a trustworthy supplier? Fortunately, UKPACK is a professional packaging solution supplier, offering a one-stop supplement packaging solution for your brands. With our expertise and comprehensive services, we can help you find the perfect packaging that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact us now!


Q1. What are the most eco-friendly packaging options for supplements?

Biodegradable and recyclable materials, such as certain plastics, glass, and cardboard, are some of the most eco-friendly options.

Q2. How do tamper-evident features work?

Tamper-evident features show visible signs if the packaging has been opened or altered, providing assurance to consumers about the product’s integrity.

Q3. What should be included on a supplement label?

A supplement label should include the product name, ingredients, usage instructions, expiration date, and any necessary health warnings.

Q4. Why is child-resistant packaging important?

Child-resistant packaging prevents children from accessing potentially harmful supplements, reducing the risk of accidental ingestion.

Q5. How can smart packaging benefit my supplement brand?

Smart packaging can enhance user engagement, provide additional information, ensure product authenticity, and improve tracking.

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