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Foam Pump Development and Structure Introduction

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1.Definition of foam pump

Foam pump is the content and air together to press out the formation of foam pump products.It is often used in the packaging of hand sanitizer, cleaning agent and other products.

2.The development history of foam pump

Before the invention of foam pump, it is usually by aerosol type products to eject foam, that is, the use of liquefied gas to expand the ejecta to form foam, or the use of foaming agent after the ejecta colloid to form foam.The first real, everyday use of a foam pump was the fingerpressure foam pump introduced by Airspray in the Netherlands in 1995.

This kind of finger pressure type foam pump is characterized by its body is composed of air pump and liquid pump two parts, liquid in the pump body and air fully mixed after ejection, ejection is stable, simple operation, not affected by the use of consumers, ejected foam quality is good.

Compared with foam aerosol products, the finger-pressure foam pump has several obvious advantages: first, it does not need to fill the projectile, so it will not cause pollution to the environment, and there is no flammable and explosive risk. It does not need metal containers and sealing gas filling equipment, so the cost is low and can be used repeatedly.Secondly, most of the liquid formulations of the finger pressure foam pump are water-based, which are non-volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in nature, and are more valuable for popularization.Third, you can use a variety of different shapes of containers, including square, triangle, oval, etc. In addition, there is no pressure in the container before the use of the container, the material selection of the container is also relatively large.

3.Application of foam pump

Finger-pressure foam pump, after its launch, has won the favor of daily chemical brand manufacturers, achieved rapid growth of the market, has been widely used in personal care, household cleaning, automotive supplies, pet supplies and other industries.

4.Product structure description of foam pump

Finger pressure foam pump from the internal structure of the product, mainly divided into the following five parts:

i.Actuating part: the function is to conduct the force to other parts inside the product by pressing the head, and realize the process of pressure rebound circulation and liquid discharge of the foam pump through the spring.According to the shape of the head can be designed into different shapes and colors according to the needs (as shown in the picture above).

ii.Liquid storage chamber: the function is to press the head down the process of liquid storage chamber extrusion, according to the head rebound will be the bottle of liquid suction liquid storage chamber;In addition, the built-in spring in the liquid storage chamber plays a springback role.

iii.Gas storage chamber: similar to the liquid storage chamber, only the air is inhaled and extruded in the gas storage chamber.

iv.Pipe part: the connection between the liquid in the bottle and the whole pump, and the channel through which the liquid enters the liquid storage chamber to ensure that the liquid in the bottle can be ejected quickly and the residual amount of the liquid can be reduced.

v.Gas-liquid mixing chamber: when the head is pressed downward, the liquid in the liquid storage chamber and the liquid and air in the gas storage chamber are fully mixed and pressurized in the gas liquid mixing chamber, and fine foam is formed through the dense mesh of the air flow mixing chamber.

The foam pumps seen on the market work on basically the same principle.Compared with the traditional pump, the structure of the whole fingerpressure foam pump is more complex and has a gas storage cavity.The pump is the core part of the whole product, which determines the amount of liquid, the foam effect and the stability.

The following figure is the structure diagram of a typical fingerpressure foam pump:

When used on the pump head according to the first one, the big piston downward 3, small piston 6 and related parts, to the spring load 10, ball valve in the closed state, the liquid in the liquid storage chamber of liquid storage chamber space smaller squeezed along the channel upside of produced liquid, and the synchronous vent air from the gas storage chamber after mixed netcom, of surfactant in the liquid mixed with air to create foam pump out mouth side by side;When the pump head is released according to the head, the spring pushes the piston upward, the gas storage chamber and the liquid storage chamber form negative pressure, the valve inlet channel is opened, the air enters the gas storage chamber, and the ball valve is in the open state, the liquid enters the liquid storage chamber through a straw and so on.