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Everything You Need to Know About Lotion Pump Head

UKPACK packaging focus on all plastics cosmetic packaging, such as airless pump bottle, spray pump bottle, lotion pump bottle, foam pump bottle, cream jar, airless jar, etc.  In addition, we also can supply you with bottles or pumps separately.


During using pumps, you may have some problem sometime. For example, pump is clogged, dripping, rusting, noting will come out, and so on. Today, let me explain you that why you pumping but noting come out . Let’s see reasons and inspection methods for not being able to reset after pressing the emulsion pump head.


Do you know what inside a lotion pump is? 

Lotion pump, which is integrated by different plastic components and accessories into one. Generally speaking, a lotion pump consists of the following components :Actuator,Closure,Outer Gasket,Housing,Stem / Piston / Spring / Ball (Interior components inside the housing),Dip Tube.

Among the lotion pump head components and accessories, the most important ones are the piston (three pieces), the spring, and the body (the part of the barrel that holds the spring).

lotion pump dispenser

The piston, relying on the elasticity of the taut spring, continuously carries out the stroke effect in the body to draw the material out of the bottle.

The lack of cooperation between any one of them will lead to the serious problem of not being able to spring back or press the material after the head is pressed, as pointed out in this article.

In order to prevent the onset of such a situation, in the production process, we first probably detect the length of the taut spring is not the norm, the difference is a thousand miles, the length of the effect of the piston is not ignored, if short, then the formation of the piston return is not in place, the direct formation of the head pressed down, the rebound can not or slow rebound.

Secondly, test the thickness of the piston is not fit the body, in the piston movement, any trace of open space, will form the suction powerless, press the head to press the material body. Because the plastic has the nature of thermal expansion and contraction, the normal piston is properly important to ensure the quality of the emulsion pump head.

Finally, let’s analyze the body, in view of the elastic nature of plastic, in the injection molding time if not properly operated, the lack of injection glue will cut off a thin layer of the body, resulting in an uneven inner wall, the piston stamping process can not be prevented from leaving gaps, resulting in the inability to discharge the material.

After the analysis of the above 3 components, press not out, or perhaps press the head can not pop up after the appearance is actually able to prevent.


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