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Cute Cosmetics & Beauty Products: Sale Impact


Cute cosmetic, also called KAWAII COSMETICS.  Mostly used in baby care and innovative skincare products.


Statistic: 81% of consumers tried something new because the product packaging caught their eye.

People aren’t going to try something if they don’t even know that it exists. Product packaging is important in initially catching the eyes of a prospective customer. Furthermore, the packaging also needs to stand out from the crowd. Because people enjoy trying something new and different.

Meanwhile, we found that 63% of consumers would buy a product again because of the originality of the packaging.


According to the current cosmetic trends, cute beauty products have conquered the current scene.  And their growing demand is due to consumers seeking more than just functionality:

  • they yearn for an experience that awakens their senses and allows them to express their personality. In fact, 40% of consumers share on social networks the packaging that captivates them, while 72% admit that packaging influences their purchasing decisions. Surprising, isn’t it?

Nowadays, consumers not only focus on the content but also value the packaging.  They want packaging to attract them, entice them to try a product, and be appealing to them.

So for brands, they must to know that: Brands sell not to make one-time sales, but to build loyal, life-long customers. Deliberate and impactful packaging is the key to converting consumers into life-long customers. Paying close attention to the message your brand sends through its packaging is important in creating the brand you want to build — and the customers you want to have. 

Cute Cosmetics is a good case study to analyse, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Firstly, let’s examine the reasons for its popularity.


What makes Cute cosmetics so attractive?

-> Different Experience: Breaking the monotony, Cute products turn skincare into a moment of joy and fun. From colorful packaging to charming scents, each use becomes an exciting journey.
-> Attractive Colors and Shapes: Enchanting designs and vibrant colors are the distinctive signature of Cute cosmetics. These products stand out on shelves with imaginative shapes that add a touch of fun to the daily routine. 
-> Exciting Narrative: Each Cute product has a captivating story. Whether it’s unicorn-themed masks or adorable character serums, the powerful narrative accompanying these products makes them irresistible elements in the beauty world. 
-> Cute cosmetics not only offer products but also experiences and emotional connections that consumers seek in every purchase.


Here is a selection of images to inspire you.

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