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CSR – UKPACK, “I have a tree growing in Aksu” .

Practice has proved that industrial civilization not only brings unprecedented prosperity to human society, but also has a disastrous impact on the natural environment on which we live.

Enterprises play a major role in the pollution and consumption of the natural environment. The environmental revolution in the past half century has changed the attitude of enterprises towards the environment – from denying the damage to the environment to assuming the responsibility of no longer harming the environment, and then hoping to exert a positive impact on the environment. However, the environment is getting better and better only in developed countries, and the whole mankind has not embarked on the road of sustainable development.

The root cause of this situation lies in the rapid growth of population and economy in emerging countries. Although these political and social issues are beyond the jurisdiction and capacity of any enterprise, the only organization integrating resources, technology, global impact and sustainable development motivation is the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise should undertake the important task of establishing a sustainable global economy, and then use this historic transformation to realize its own development.


Become an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility! It is the goal that UKPACK has been pursuing!


This year, we participated in the large-scale public welfare activity of “I have a tree growing in Aksu” And planted an apple forest exclusively belonging to UKPACK. Because this activity is in line with UKPACK’s concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, we will continue to practice this behavior in the future!

Public welfare, regardless of size, focuses on participation!


The important thing is that we are the same in packaging. We have always focused on what we are good at and serve customers with professionalism and product quality. Customer satisfaction is the best return to us!



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