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Cosmetic small sample packaging 5ml 8ml 10ml 15ml PP Airless Pump Bottle with Cap

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Capacity: 5ml 8ml 10ml 15ml



Spring: SS304, Stainless steel spring, external design of spring, no contact with liquid

Our UKA01 PP Airless Pump Bottle comes as a set with a Gloss Over Cap. Our airless pump plastic bottles are a great alternative choice to traditional dispensing bottles and can give your product the luxurious look you need! For instance, they are the perfect packaging for lotions, creams, or hair care products. The Airless feature makes dispensing effortless. In other words, using our 5ml 8ml 10ml 15ml PP Airless Pump Bottle requires no tubing to be inserted into the bottle.

Therefore, this leaves no doubt about never being able to get the last drop of product out of the bottle. Above all, the UKA01 Airless pump bottle is great for utilizing as a sample package. This sleek bottle has a dispensing power of 0.10 ml for each pump. For use, you simply fill up the bottle with your product. Next, you snap on the unlined snap cap for propellant and metal-free dispensing.

In conclusion, here at UKPACK Packaging, we offer different size Airless Bottles ranging from 3 ml all the way to 1000 ml. Therefore, you have a wide selection of dispensing size and power.

The advantages of using this Airless Pump Bottles are endless. Here are some common products that use Airless Pumps:



and More Personal Care Products

Foot cream


face cream

eye cream




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