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Cosmetic packaging replacement lotion bottle design

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Cosmetic packaging replacement lotion bottle design

Washable and reusable plastic products and dont easily deteriorate. Bottles and caps are designed to keep the quality of its contents intact and secure

Capacity is below:

Essence bottle-30ml

Lotion bottle-50ml

Toner bottle-100ml

Cream Jar: 50g

What a colorful looks!when you use this skincare suit,will feel like it really can make you more younger.

Double layers and removable inner bottle design.Easily to disassemble and assemble.

This skincare family set including three airless bottles and cream jar,suitable for essence,toner,lotion and face cream,meet all your skincare demand.

For clean and convenient,the pump heads adopt rotary and press design.Just rotating and press,the products will flow out,also can use exact dosage.Cream jar also has own small scoop which perfectly set in lid. It won’t be hard to get out at all, just lightly press one side and it will come out easily.

Three design style of package,also can be filled according to function.