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Packaging shapes are an important part of your overall packaging design process. They lend creativity to your brand and can speak to the look and style of the product inside. Packaging shape impacts how you market your product. That means you may need to select certain shapes for certain products.

However, do you exactly know how he shape of the packaging affect the way we perceive the product? How to select the proper product?

In order to find the way, we will explain you the related details, such as the reason, trends and show you key point and so on.

Firstly, let's learn why shape affects the packaging!
-On the one hand, the shape can also speak to your customers subconscious with size. A smaller package may be perceived as higher quality if done with a graphic design that also speaks this message. Larger or bulky packaging can also be perceived as higher value in the more-bang-for-your-buck sense.
-On another hand, shape is also another key element that affects how people perceive and interpret your product. Due to different shapes can convey different meanings, moods, and personalities. For example, round shapes can imply softness, friendliness, or comfort, while angular shapes can suggest strength, stability, or aggressiveness. 

At this article, let's focus on the round shape and further analyse how it affect packaging in cosmetic industry!

Regarding these round shape packaging, are also named the circular-shaped packaging, or the seamless ball packaging. Because the shape has the power to connect with the emotions of consumers, the circular-shaped packaging arouses an intriguing sense of curiosity in consumers by completely differentiating itself from conventional, usually square shapes. This uniqueness generates a profound desire to delicately discover and explore the product. 
And for the uncommon circular shape , it creates a striking and attractive feeling of curiosity and interest, prompting consumers to inquire about the contents of the packaging. This distinctive, innovative, and curious touch invites a unique unboxing experience, encouraging consumers to immerse themselves in the fascinating task of discovering how the product works and what its interior will reveal.

In additional, they also have physical benefits:

-Space Efficiency:
Circular packaging optimizes storage and transportation space. Its geometric shape allows for more efficient use of available volume, reducing waste, and maximizing load capacity on both shelves and warehouses.
-Structural Resistance:
The circular geometry provides a uniform distribution of forces, strengthening the packaging structure. This not only increases durability during transportation but also enhances the ability to protect the contents from external impacts.
-Futuristic Aesthetics:
The visually sleek appearance of circular packaging evokes a sense of modernity. This style aims to move away from traditional conventions, offering a look that suggests innovation and advanced technology.
-Unboxing Experience:
The circular shape adds an intriguing component to the unboxing experience. Opening circular packaging becomes a more captivating process, challenging traditional expectations and providing consumers with a more intimate connection to the product.

However, in fact, the ball shape is one of most challenging part in injection industry because its parting line is exposed and influences component look quite a lot but UKPACK Packaging is able to make it invisible and untouchable with high tech molding capability.

Finally, we would like to attached is a selection of images to inspire you, involves skincare and makeup products:

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