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Certified Food and Beverage Pumps at UKPACK


From its inception to today, UKPACK Packaging has always focused on safety and quality above all else. With the concerted efforts of everyone and the trust and support of our customers, we have been certified by a number of third party bodies, and try to meet the demand for our products from customers all over the world.

As of today, we have celebrated certifications for its Food & Beverage Pumps by TUV Rheinland and SGS.

1. TUV Rheinland, an independent third party that ensures quality, safetyand efficiency in conjunction with people, the environment, andtechnology.

2. SGS, Société Générale de Surveillance, is specialised in testing, inspection and certification services. This is a leading third-party testing organisation, a guarantee of safety and environmental protection, a guarantee of quality and a monitoring check on the quality of the supplier’s products.

A variety of pump samples were included in the testing such as transparentsemi-transparent, white and colored versions of UKS10, UKS30, UKR30.UKM30 and UKFND30.

As part of the examination, TUV Rheinland conducted a number of testsincluding colorfastness, global migration and sensorial examination.Sensorial examination, for instance, judges how food simulants react with theproduct itself, seeing if it undergoes any detectable change in taste or smell.

After undergoing 9 separate tests, UKPACK can confirm its collection of foodand beverage pumps were awarded PASS for all of the 9 categories, givingcustomers extra assurance that not only have the pumps been speciallydesigned for function, they are a safe and reliable option.

To ensure that the pump is leak-proof, we use the addition of a leak-proof plug, which is made of silicon. To ensure that the material is safe, we have applied to SGS for testing and thankfully, the material is indeed safe.


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Lucas Ji

General Manager





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