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Big Capacity Airless Bottle for High viscosity liquids -UKA22

When dealing with high-viscosity liquids in larger capacities, it's important to select airless pump bottles that are specifically designed to handle such substances effectively.

Here are some considerations and features to look for:

1). High-Quality Pump Mechanism: Opt for airless pump bottles with robust pump mechanisms that can handle thicker liquids without clogging or malfunctioning. Look for pumps with wide openings and strong suction power to efficiently dispense the product.

2). Wide Mouth or Neck: A wide mouth or neck design can facilitate easier filling of high-viscosity liquids into the bottle. This ensures that the product can be poured or pumped into the container without encountering resistance or blockages.

3). Sturdy Construction: Choose bottles made from durable materials such as PETG, PP, or acrylic that can withstand the pressure exerted by thick liquids. Reinforced walls and bases can also provide additional stability and prevent the bottle from deforming or leaking under stress.

4). Specialized Pump Designs: Some airless pump bottles are specifically engineered for high-viscosity liquids and feature specialized pump designs to accommodate thicker formulations. These pumps may have larger or more robust internal components to handle the viscosity of the product effectively. UKPACK's UKA22 item, the pump dosage is 3.6ml.

5). Customizable Options: Depending on your specific requirements, look for customizable options such as different pump sizes, nozzle designs, or bottle shapes that can be tailored to suit the viscosity and application of your liquid product.

6). Transparent or Translucent Materials: Transparency or translucency in the bottle material can be beneficial for visually monitoring the level and flow of the high-viscosity liquid inside the container. This can help prevent air bubbles or blockages in the pump mechanism.

7). Compatibility Testing: Before mass production, conduct compatibility testing to ensure that the selected airless pump bottles are compatible with the specific formulation of your high-viscosity liquid. This can help identify any potential issues or concerns before the product is introduced to the market.

By considering these factors and selecting airless pump bottles designed to accommodate high-viscosity liquids, you can ensure efficient dispensing, minimal waste, and optimal preservation of your product. Meanwhile, our AVDS system uses an airless technology incorporating a special one-piece piston that pushes product up from the bottom of the container.  This ensures that at least 98% of the product is dispensed. 

Post time: 2024-04-01 13:53:13
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