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Among cosmetics used in hygiene and body care, a large group are lotions and creams. The specificity of such products is that they are based on natural substances, which often remain sensitive to microorganisms. The use of airless dispensers prevents the ingress of bacteria and the deterioration of the cosmetics’ quality.

The main problem associated with packaging cosmetics is to ensure that they can be stored for a long time without losing their qualities. The standard shelf life of creams and lotions usually reaches about six months. Using such products means that the containers are opened many times. In traditional containers and bottles, the contents are exposed to an unhygienic environment, as well as to the skin of the user who applies the cosmetic with his or her fingers. Pump/airless dispensers solve most of these problems. The airless dispenser equipped with a vacuum system completely prevents hand and air bacteria from getting inside the packaging. The tightly sealed container protects the contents, significantly extending its shelf life. At the same time, it also has a practical benefit. Cosmetics packed in dispensers do not dry out, lose scent or their valuable qualities.

Airless dispensers in our UKPACK Packaging

If you are a manufacturer of creams, lotions or foundations and you are looking for new packaging for your cosmetics, you will certainly find it in our prouduct. UKPACK packaging specialises produce and selling packaging, bottles, applicators and dispensers for cosmetics. We also offer dispensing/airless containers. A special pump cap also allows you to make the most of the product, which is sucked through it and does not settle on the walls.

Our assortment includes airless dispensers made of durable synthetic materials. The dispensers are available in a wide range of capacities, from only 3 to 1000 ml. The variety also applies to shapes and colours. This allows you to match the packaging to the type of cosmetic product and brand style. Available in white, black, silver and pearl, made from acrylic and PP material. You can also opt for a matt or glossy surface variant. The dispensers are ideal for creams, serums, foundations or antibacterial gels.

Of course, in terms of materials, we have various choices such as PP, PETG, Acrylic, AS, etc. of course, considering the needs of recycling and environmental protection, UKPACK has also been developing PCR and all plastic designs to reduce the impact of plastics on the earth’s environment!

For the Airless pump dispenser packaging, we are professional, help brand growth, is our goal – PACKAGING YOUR FUTURE!

Please visit our Airless bottle and airless jar series and find the products you need. Feel free to contact us!

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