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About the Airless bottle packaging for cosmetics

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1) Background of vacuum packaging for cosmetics

Development trend of skin care products – “fresh”, “healthy”, “natural”, “green”, “preservative free”

The formulation of the product becomes more complex and unstable

The formulation may be sensitive to

? High viscosity of formula

? More precise dosage is required

High emptying rate is required



ultraviolet rays



2) Classification of airless bottle packaging for cosmetics

Generally speaking, airless bottle packaging for cosmetics can be divided into two categories,

One is piston airless bottle packaging (piston system), the other is bag (tube) airless bottle packaging (bag (tube) system)

Airless bottle packaging insulates the product from the outside air, which can prevent the product from oxidation and deterioration, pollution and breeding of bacteria due to contact with air, so as to protect the formula. On the other hand, vacuum packaging is generally composed of vacuum pump, vacuum bottle (base, piston, bottle body) or vacuum bag (tube). Taking piston Airless bottle packaging as an example, the cooperation between piston and bottle wall is very precise during the working process. If it is too tight, the piston cannot rise and move forward due to excessive friction; If it is too loose, the piston is prone to material leakage and low emptying rate. Therefore, vacuum packaging requires very high manufacturing precision and professionalism of the supplier

3) Working principle of airless bottle packaging for cosmetics

The working principle of airless bottle packaging is generally to press and start the airless pump head to discharge the material body, and do not allow air to enter the packaging during operation, so that there is a vacuum negative pressure state in the packaging, and use the external atmospheric pressure difference to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward or squeeze the soft bag (tube) So as to achieve the purpose of preparing the discharge body.

4) Filling of airless packaging for cosmetics

Filling process is an important link in airless packaging production, and it is also directly related to the final use effect.

According to the position of filling port, it can be divided into top filling and bottom filling According to the working conditions of filling, it can be divided into atmospheric pressure filling and vacuum filling. The pre defoaming treatment of the material body before filling is very important. If it is not handled well, it may lead to problems such as poor start-up and small filling volume. In addition, the physical parameters of the material (density, dynamic viscosity, surface tension, etc.) will have a certain impact on the use of vacuum packaging, which should be evaluated through relevant experiments and tests

5) Decoration of airless packaging:

As we all know, decoration is a key link in the packaging of cosmetics.

At present, the decoration processes we can do in airless packaging include: vacuum electroplating, water electroplating, spraying, printing, bronzing, heat transfer, water transfer, labeling, aluminum oxidation, etc.

Vacuum electroplating and water electroplating increase the metal texture of the product (such as two water electroplating on the left and two vacuum electroplating on the right of the attached figure). Hydropower plating will be gradually replaced by vacuum electroplating because of its pollution.

The metal texture of aluminum oxide is real. The use of metal products in cosmetics packaging is the embodiment of the brand.

Like vacuum plating, metal parts can be made into various colors through color technology, which makes the cosmetic packaging more gorgeous.

Water transfer printing is a new decoration in the cosmetics industry. The transfer film is attached to the products through solvent. The advantages are diversification, no limitation of thermal transfer radian, and the disadvantages are irregular decoration effect

Other decoration processes, such as printing, bronzing, heat transfer printing, labeling and so on, are now very mature and will not be listed one by one.

Decoration is a science. How to comprehensively apply all kinds of decoration processes to one product, and have process realizability and mass production is the pursuit of every designer!

In recent years, the main growth force of the cosmetics market comes from skin care products and cosmetics products, and more and more attention is paid to packaging. In the future, the consumer market will be further subdivided, miniaturized, personalized, green and environmental protection, and the application of new technologies and new processes will become the development trend of cosmetics packaging in the future

Packaging design should take into account the protection, functionality and decoration at the same time, and combine them well. Vacuum packaging highlights the protection, safety and green environmental protection functions of packaging. It is not only a simple and independent packaging, but a vacuum system composed of formula, filling and surface decoration, which affects and correlates with each other, The above views hope to provide a reference for terminal brands when developing products