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Matte Airless bottle 45ml frosted pump bottom bottle moulds elastic paint UKA75

45ml capacity AS bottle,  combine with airless dispenser pump, designed a outlet mode of pump. Most highlight is it is produced by frosted pump mould and frosted bottom of bottle mould. Based on these moulds, perfect to meet the matte finish requirements. Not only save costs of spraying or frosted, but also give you a better matte effect.

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airless pump bottle 45ml


Available in a elastomeric paint: This coating creates a barrier so that moisture is unable to penetrate the walls.

This AS airlrss bottle can bring you many advantages as follows:

  1. Preservation of product integrity and efficacy by minimizing air exposure.
  2. Extended shelf life due to reduced oxidation and contamination.
  3. Precise dosage control, minimizing wastage.
  4. Hygienic and convenient usage, eliminating the need for direct contact.
  5. Product visibility, allowing users to monitor remaining quantity.
  6. Enhanced stability for formulas with active ingredients or sensitive formulations.

These benefits make airless bottles a popular choice for packaging skincare, cosmetics, and other products that require preservation and controlled dispensing.

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