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Continue Fine Mist Spray Pump Bottle 300ml PET UKP25 Premium Cosmetic Packaging

This spray pump bottle is a bit special, differs from common pump sprayer, this one is used a portable and lightweight spray pump, in a way, this approach ca save the costs. Matching a 300ml PET bottle, suitable for barbershop/cleansing/or as a Mini cooper.

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    1. Great Value Spray Bottle can be used in a variety of ways around your home. This spray bottle is a great 10-ounce size that makes it perfect for cleaning, training your dog, watering plants and more. You can fill it with a homemade cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar for a natural cleaning solution. The dilution scale on the side of the 10-ounce spray bottle is perfect for mixing liquids, and the adjustable spray nozzle makes it easy to spray.
      Variety of uses around the home
      Use for cleaning, watering plants, training your dog, and more
      Screw on nozzle
      Dilution scale on the side of the spray bottle makes it easy to mix liquids
      Refillable and reusable


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