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foam pump bottles in bulk custom wholesale 30ml 50ml HDPE soap dispenser UKF19

Custom plastic foam pump dispenser bottles, 50ml, 100ml, great for carry-on travel. Lightweight and easy to use. No matter how it shakes,they wont leak, it can be put in a cosmetic bag, purse or backpack.




50ml 100ml


40.5mm 49.2mm

Total Height:

119.8mm 130mm

50ml 100ml WHITE HDPE LDPE Softtouch Bottles with Foam Pumps

Made of HDPE plastic.Perfect for parents with little ones or just on the go person.No leaking or too popping off at all.It foamed just like honey pot bottle does.

One more thing, for material, HDPE/HDPE+LDPE/Soft touch,three options are available.

50ml foam pump bottles great for carry-on travel.

This foaming soap dispenser have good fitments with secure seals.The pump actuates smoothly,soap,shampoo and conditioner all”Foam up”.

Lightweight and easy to use. No matter how it shakes,they won’t leak, it can be put in a cosmetic bag, purse or backpack.Perfect for making your own natural soap and hand sanitizer.

Great lash cleaners for your lash baths to go in your aftercare kits for your clients.Must have for traveling,you can use them for foaming shower soap and foaming dog face wash.

Our White, HDPE, 50mL,100ml Bottle with a Natural, White, or Black Foam Soap Pump is the perfect size for product samples, giveaways, an

d personal size carry item. Ideal for pockets, purses, or a travel-friendly Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer,

The dense, white, thick-walled, HDPE bottle will block out any light from coming in contact with your product.

If you need a softer bottle, you can choose HDPE+LDPE material

If you want to have an obvious sanding effect and feel good, you can choose Soft touch material for production

BPA Free Questions and Concerns: Our bottle manufacturer knowingly does not add BPA or Phthalates to the HDPE bottles produced for our customers.

Item Detailed data
Material Capacity OD Total Height
UKF19 HDPE 30ml 40mm 120mm
50ml 49mm 130mm

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