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Empty Loose powder container plastic cosmetic jars 8g UKC67 Makeup packaging wholesale

Empty cosmetic powder container is made from durable plastic and the face powder puff is made from soft sponge. Loose powder containers have detachable net sifter, you can filling with powder easily. No need to shake the net sifter, just press lightly to pick up powder. It can effectively save powder than brush.







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Square container, with plastic sealing disc which has several holes, and a puff. Please note that if you need puff, it’ll take extra costs.
Also Named Makeup Powder Holder with Sifter. Its mini size is easy to carry, and it can be carried and used in a handbag.
Empty powder container serves as a useful tool to store cosmetics or mix your own powder, ideal for loose powder, glitter, blusher, etc.

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