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Dual Chamber Airless Pump bottles two dispensers 2in1 8ml*2 10ml*2 15ml*2 UKA53A

recyclable airless pump bottle is similar with UKA53,the difference is it’s part – pump head,this model don’t have cap cover.made of recycle material,ECO friendly PP plastic.This is rose gold,is a beautiful airless pump head.




8+8ml 10+10ML 15+15ML

pump dosage:




Total Height:

96.5mm 105.4mm 131.4mm

Double Pump Head PP Airless BottleDual Chamber Plastic Bottle 8ml*2 10ml*2 15ml*2

Benefits of Airless: 

  1. Excellent formula protection for sensitive formulas
  2. Ideal for dispensing very high viscosity formulations
  3. 360° dispensing
  4. Excellent product evacuation
  5. Broad range of decorating options
  6. 100% Leak-proof

Similar with UKA53,the same capacity,the same color,the same material,the same double tube,the same usage,but the difference is its part – pump head,this model nocap cover.

It also made of recycle material,ECO friendly PP plastic.

This is rose gold,is a beautiful airless pump head.

Double tube,can be loaded two kinds of materials,you will get double function.

Here attached anther style of airless pump bottle.you can choose this two style pump head to connect your double tube air pump bottle.


Item Detailed Data
Material Capacity OD Total Height
UKA53A AS+PP 8+8ML 28*46.5mm 96.5MM
10+10ML 28*46.5mm 105.4MM
15+15ML 28*46.5mm 131.4MM