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Double-wall PP Cream Jar Plastic cosmetic container 50g skincare packaging supplier UKC66

The jars are made from a shatterproof plastic and come with a secure lid, so you can tote them along with you wherever you go. so you never have to worry about wasting any of your favorite products.







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double-wall PP Jar UKC66-尺寸

Made from PP, designed as double layer, more durable.
Meanwhile, printing available on cap side and cap top. Jar body also available.
Compared with glass jar, this plastic jar is easilier to ship. Besides, it can be produced using PCR content, maximum ratio is 100%, but now we recommended you choose within 50% best.
Matte/ glossy finish, any Pantone color available.

double-wall PP Jar UKC66_01 double-wall PP Jar UKC66_02 double-wall PP Jar UKC66_03 double-wall PP Jar UKC66_04 double-wall PP Jar UKC66_05 double-wall PP Jar UKC66_06 double-wall PP Jar UKC66_07 double-wall PP Jar UKC66_08

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