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Choice FND30 Condiment Pump Kit 0.5 to 1oz. and 960ml to 3L Plastic Container

Easily store, dispense, and portion condiments with this Choice condiment pump kit with 0.5oz to 1 oz. fixed nozzle pump and 960ml/1250ml/1700ml/2500ml/3000ml round clear/translucent/white/black/custom colors container!





Closure Size:





custom color

This kit is ideal for holding sauces, dressings, relishes, or condiments and, because of its large size, it is also perfect for portioning them into smaller squeeze bottles. This kit will help your staff maintain better portion control and boost efficiency in your kitchen.

  • Accurate Portions:This pump is sure to deliver an accurate portion of 1 oz. in one smooth motion.
  • Trimmable Dip Tube:It includes an 11″ trimmable dip tube, and the long spout ensures mess free use.
  • Quick to Clean: Easy to clean, this pump easily disassembles for fast, convenient cleaning.
  • Keeps Contents Fresh: Its fixed nozzle adds stability to prevent unwanted movement and reduce the chance of leakage. The lid includes a 38 mm opening for accepting the tube and helps keep contents fresh. It is also translucent for product visibility. Boost the efficiency of your prep and service in the kitchen with this Choice condiment pump kit!