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Bag in Box PP pump dose 15ml 30ml plastic syrup sauce dispenser NY&PE bag 3L

This is a New arrival plastic films container from UKPACK PACKAGING, refer this picture, it’s 3L NY&PE bag which can withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees, be designed much thicker, much stronger, much longer service time. And for dispenser pump, you can to choose anyone from our products.Please contact us for any questions.

PP pump; NY+PE Bag


UKPACK- New arrival plastic films container syrup&sauce&beverage&juice&milk&cleanser&other liquid products packaging with dispenser pump in bag.
The bags are made of PE and nylon composite materials. Inner layer material: made of food grade film, different materials are used to meet the needs of different liquid packaging, with standard filling mouth/spout, can be marked by your logo & brand, also can be customized.
1.Custom size/material/printing etc.
2.Non-toxic, soft texture.c
3.Flexible, eco-friendly, non-reusable
4.Designed much thicker, much stronger, much longer service time.
5.No seam of bag without leakage.

Item Detailed data
Material Output Closure size Bag size MOQ 
Bag in box PP  pump+

NY+PE bag

15ml 30ml 38-400 350mm*260mm 20000PCS

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