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AS airless spray pump bottles high quality sprayer for mist fine spray fragrance UKP21

Recently, our airless technology is more mature than before, and we add a new airless line – sprayer. This is a major step forward for packaging manufacturing.




15ml, 30ml, 50ml



Total Height:

85.4mm, 118.3mm, 154.3mm


Custom made

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A new airless spray pump line is completed from UKPACK PACKAGING.
Made of qualified hard plastic material and crafted with airless spray mouth design, light weight, good tightness, leak-proof and waterproof.
Airless pump sprayer will keep your thin cosmetic water liquid fresh longer, increasing shelf life and preventing oxidation and bacteria.
It gives perfect amount of lotions in one squirt. You can use it completely until none left. Simple and compact, easy to carry, it is great for travel purpose.
Ideal dispenser for fine mist, perfume, toner, lotion, sunscreen spray, makeup remover, water liquid or other DIY skin care products. Very easy to fill.

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