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Acrylic Replacement Airless Jar Detachable Cream Cosmetic Container 15g 30g 50g UKC42

Maintains shelf life preventing skin care products to come in contact with bacteria and pollution. High quality clear acrylic plastic, leak-proof and shatterproof. The appearance refers to the brand design of drunk elephant moisturizer container.




15g 30g 50g

pump dosage:



53mm 53mm 61mm

Total Height:

59mm 71mm 73mm

Minimizes wast,No more squeeze tube,No more fingers in skin care products.

Smooth delivery and more accurate dosage of formulas,very easy to fill.

Maintains shelf life preventing skin care products to come in contact with bacteria and pollution.

High quality clear acrylic plastic, leak-proof and shatterproof.

Item Detailed data
Material Capacity OD Total Height MOQ Selling Point
UKC42 PP+Acrylic 15g 53mm 59mm 10000 Airelss Jar
30g 53mm 71mm 10000 Airelss Jar
50g 61mm 73mm 10000 Airelss Jar

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An airless jar is an innovative packaging design that offers an alternative to airless pump bottles. Ideal for thicker creams, gels, and lotions which are not usually delivered in a bottle format, airless jars allow users to dispense and apply products without having to insert their fingers into the container. This significantly minimizes both the risk of oxidation and the risk of introducing bacteria which can cause the product to deteriorate.Airless jars feature the same sort of airless technology as is found in airless pump bottles, with a piston mechanism that sees an internal disc rise upwards towards the top of the jar with each depression. When pressed, the disc rises to push an adequate quantity of the product out of a second center-dispensing disc that is located at the top of the jar. This revolutionary design ensures that only the product that is intended to be used at the time is exposed to air, with the remaining product kept within the airless chamber.Airless jars prevent the product from having any contact with the air once filled. This helps preserves the effectiveness of the product and prolongs shelf life. Airless jars have many advantages: more product from the packaging, more accurate dosing and smoother delivery, excellent branding effect, and protects products that contain antioxidants from oxidation. Some of the most popular items packaged like this are anti-aging creams, liquid foundations, eye serums, hair care oils, and many more.Customers can use a small, clean spatula to scrape the cream from the disc to their fingertips, and can continue to apply the product as normal. The dispensing disc is kept clean through the addition of a plastic lid that creates a tight and secure seal.Airless jars are easy to refill, and can be reused by customers for other products after cleaning and sterilizing the container, helping end users to make responsible choices.Airless jars are an excellent option for beauty brands introducing formulas with natural preservatives, natural ingredients.