PCR deodorant containers eco-friendly twist-up oval natural cosmetic packaging

40g PP Deodorant packaging in bulk,solid white color containers,twist-up design,fill from top style,easy for adding your own labels and perfect for DIY cosmetic use. Also easier to use than push-up,bottle roller turns circular to adjust contents.

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Solid white color containers easy for adding your own labels; classic oval shape tube.

Twist-up Design, easier to use than push-up, Bottom roller turns circular to adjust contents.

This is the fill from top style avoiding leaky bottom issues. Easy to use and perfect for any DIY cosmetic use.

Avoid commercial chemicals and allergic reactions by making your own all-natural deodorant; safe BPA free plastic containers.

Make wonderful organic homemade deodorants.

Our 40g Oval Deodorant Stick includes the White Flat Top Cap and White Polypropylene Disc.
White polypropylene deodorant tubes include white smooth dome caps for a stylish, traditional style when selecting plastic deodorant containers. The oval deodorant tube barrels include a turning wheel mechanism that gradually pushes up the product for use. These deodorant containers could be used for products such as deodorant, lotion bars, body care products, and more. Pair these deodorant tubes with natural deodorant fitments for an added layer of protection.
Help showcase your product while offering a protective covering. In addition, our Oval Deodorant Stick features a rotatable base that twists. With this functionality, it connects to the inner PP stem that Propels and Repels the push mold. Similarly, this deodorant container twists up and down like a Lip Balm Container.
Therefore dispensing is made easy, twist the ribbed dial at the base of the stick to raise or lower the product to the desired level. Above All, this Oval Deodorant Stick could be used not just for deodorants but for lotion bars, sunblock, medication sticks, or even perfume bars. In addition, The wide oval shape provides ample space for product labeling on both sides.
If you are in need of Oval Deodorant Containers please feel free to call and one of our Wholesale Reps can send over sample deodorant containers.UKPACK Packaging is one of the top companies dealing in Deodorant stick packaging.
In conclusion, Please Review Filling Instruction Below For Proper Use.
FIlling Instructions: To fill these deodorant containers, first place them upside down, with cap and disc inserted. The ribbed dial must be off. After, Fill the container with the product from the bottom up to the plunger. (the internal plastics will move the product upward). Be sure not to fill above the plunger or the stick will not function properly. Next, insert the dial back on the bottom of the stick. After the product has solidified fully, pop off the cap, remove the disc and the product is ready for use.
Note: Filling with a solution that is too hot can warp the plastic & damage the inner mechanisms. Containers do not provide a waterproof seal, so pouring too hot can also cause leaking (until the formulation solidifies). Be sure to test the rotatable ribbed disc prior to use. This review helps ensure the stick is working properly and is compatible. If the solution placed in them is too thick or pasty, the twist mechanism cannot freely move the product up and down.
Recommended filling temps (plus or minus 5 degrees):
145 degrees for a deodorant or lotion bar (product w/out alcohol)
165 degrees for an antiperspirant
2.65 oz White PP Plastic Deodorant Stick
SIMPLE / EASY TO USE – Translucent DIY deodorant containers
REUSABLE, RECYCLABLE PLASTIC – Made of #5 recyclable polypropylene plastic
Twist-up Design, easier to use than push-up, helps you create a beautiful PROFESSIONAL looking product
Durable PP plastic tubes are an excellent packaging solution for a variety of topical products. These handy dispensing containers aren't just deodorant sticks anymore. Alternate uses include lotion bars, sports balm bars, sunblock sticks, topical medications tubes, or even cosmetic blush sticks or perfume bars. Polypropylene plastic has a maximum fill temperature of 275 degrees F, allowing you to hot fill without risk of altering the shape of the container, all the while providing a barrier against oil and grease. Dispensing is easy, twist the ribbed dial at the base of the tube to raise or lower product to the desired level. The wide oval shape provides ample space for product labeling on both sides. Top fill container. Suggested fill temperature: 165 degrees F. Caps sold separately. Sold by the each - no large minimum order quantities apply!
Please note: Test product sample before production to ensure compatibility, fit and functionality of packaging with your product. Samples available.
TOP-FILL – Easy to Use, Guaranteed Quality
BPA FREE – Perfect for at home and health conscious folk

Item Detailed data
Material Capacity OD Total Height
UKDS05 PP 40g 44mm 112mm

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