UKFND30 Heinz stainless steel condiment ketchup mustard pumps removable catering

The sauce dispenser pump is made of food grade plastic,solid and reliable. Designed for regular bottle(30mm). Turn your bottle into a dispenser for Sauce, Honey, ketchup, coffee syrup and on.(HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP DISPENSER & PUMP/Guittard Sauces,for catering,industrial canteen, restaurant)

Closure Size:
can be removeable to match different bottle DIA

Can be removeable to match different bottle DIA.

not only matching with plastic or glass sauce/syrup bottle,but also can match with stainless steel ware

Very suitable for catering industry,restaurant,home cooking.

The syrup dispenser pump is made of food grade plastic,solid and reliable. 

Turn your bottle into a dispenser for Sauce, Honey, ketchup, coffee syrup and on.

The removable nozzle can be pulled out with force to facilitate cleaning.

Its more suitable for viscous liquids and is not easy to block.

Item Detailed data MOQ
 Material  closure size Dosage Total Height
 UKFND30  PP can be removeable to match different bottle DIA 10ml-30ml / 1000个(限白色)

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