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38-410 metal-free lotion pump mono-material UKAP13 eco friendly packaging

Fully Recyclable All Plastic Lotion Dispensing Pump, E-commerce Compatible.For a variety of skincare and personal care products, including cleansing gel, lotion, moisturizer, liquid soap, hand sanitizer, and more. With a clip, it’s good for on-the-go products too!

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Fully Recyclable All Plastic Lotion Dispensing Pump, E-commerce Compatible.
APR certified dispensing pump that is fully recyclable
Patented ECO-FRIENDLY all plastic up-lock design
Fully recyclable all plastic construction
All plastic components with no metal contact with product Water resistant design to prevent product contamination
Non-intrusive appearance that can be configured in multiple color combinations
Does no require any custom filling equipment setup

Item  Detailed data     
Material  Output Closure size Total Height  MOQ 
 UKAP13 PP4cc 38-410 128mm 20000

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