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3000ml HDPE jug and UKR30 STD head sauce pump 15cc 30cc plastic Whosale

1.This 3000ml HDPE JUG can be with UKR30 series dispense pumps. 2.Standard head/Square head are available. 3.Perfect for ketchup, mustard, simple syrup, honey, dish-washing liquid, lotion, barbecue sauce, salad dressing, decorative baked goods.





Closure Size:

top DIA 110mm, bottom DIA 141mm, total height 243mm.


15ml 30ml


custom colors

3000ml HDPE Cylinder Jug &UKR30 Sauce Dispenser Pump

For dispensingcondiment/syrup/milk/beverage/jam/sauce…

Trust & Reliability: UKPACK is a leading manufacturer r of plastic packaging in North America and beyond;Our products are designed to meet the modern needs of the personal care, food, healthcare, household, and industrial chemical marketsAdditional Home Uses: Can be used in the kitchen to hold bulk condiments like ketchup and mustard, salad dressings, vegetable oils, and more;It’s also safe to store household cleaning productsPump to the Last Drop: Inside dip tube is trimmed, angled, and has an extra-long length to ensure that every last bit of its contents goes to good use.

Item Detailed Data
Pump type Closure size Dose MOQ
UKR30 pump

with HDPE bottle 2500ml

Standard head top DIA 110mm,

bottom DIA 141mm,

total height 243mm.